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  1. Thanks everybody for your input. Since it really seems to be an issue to burry my work in a complicated fly-through which, on top, looks somewhat dystopian I finally got rid of it (ok, mostly). It could have been so easy from the beginning... Version 72136812
  2. I am sorry, but I only take critique from someone who would use Jónsi or even Harry Belafonte for their Reels. Oh, wait... Dang. Actually I had this c4d project, which I ironically named 'jerkycam' and I just placed some comps in there. It's really controversial, some people love the style, some don't. Anyway, thanks for your comments. Here is my Reel minus the jerkycam, minus my recent work, minus windows. I named the camera rig 'nervouscam' though... The other Reel Ilja
  3. Hello Mographers, I just joined the forum, want to say hi and finally share my new reel. ilja nowodworski - motion graphics reel 2010 Cheers, Ilja
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