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  1. YESSS! I cracked this one! I've always wanted to do make a script to automate this - ie to be abled to create Vectorizer animations. So far I've done it manually typing the name one frame at a time, but finally I had to make that (a project needed it)... And it's SOOO simple! What you gotta do is first of all make the image sequence you want to vectorize, usually an alpha of an image. Make them psd sequences with the actual alpha being the rgb information (easy to do in AE). Name your file say (mykeyout_#.psd) - remember to make only one # in the name (that will be replaced by the frame number in the filenames). Then you go to Cinema 4d and create a vectorizer node. Then add "xpresso" node to it. Then right click the xpresso window to create a "New Node -> Xpresso -> General -> Time". Then right click on the red part of that new node and select "time". After that right click on the xpresso window grid (like you did with the time node) and select "New Node -> Xpresso -> Math -> C.O.F.F.E.E.". Double click on the blue balloons next to Input1 and Input2. They'll disappear. Then click on the blue cube left to the name of the COFFEE node. Select: "Integer". Then double click the red Output 1 balloon to the right. It'll go away. Click on the red cube above that (right hand side to the coffee name). Select: String. Then in the object inspector (usually in the bottom right corner of the window) paste this code: main() { var a = "mykeyout_"; //this is the main filename var b = tostring(frameinput); //this is the frame number var c = ".psd"; //this is the .psd abbreviation Output1 = tostring(a+ b + c); //this is the output from the node } Then drag the Vectorizer object from the object console on the right onto the xpresso window. It'll create a node for that. Click on the blue cube on that node and select: Object properties -> Texture. Connect the frame node to the coffee node and then the coffee node to the vectorizer node. And bam. You should have an animated vector graphic that you can abuse in soooo many different ways that it makes me dizzy at this hour... I hope this lil' tutorial will give as much joy to you as it gave me (first time I needed this was 2 years ago, but never had the time/need to make the effort to figure out the automation technique!!!! Now: super-excited! I don't want to sleep!!! T
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