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  1. Isnt this as simple as using the same cloner that placed the lights to place point objects? Just create a point or a plane then delete all but one point. Centre the axis and place in cloner. Then you can "make editable" the cloner and "connect" all the objects into one point cloud object
  2. You can check here http://forum.vrayforc4d.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18 I don't personally use it due to the compatibility and relearning of material setup but I have heard good things about it. Do some searching in the forum and you will find great info.
  3. What mograph arrangement did you have before the shader effector? If you had a grid or some geometric arrangement in the first place what I would do is try to make a plane with subdivisions at each clone then apply the shader effector as a deformer. Try that.
  4. I am sorry I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. I cannot open your file most likely R12 made and can you explain what is a "toon stroke" first time I am hearing this term used in c4D. Probably will be able to help you if you provide more information.
  5. actually you can use the matrix object with the same setup as the tutorial.
  6. heh was just about to post my scene file when I saw your reply.
  7. Hi, I don't understand what you are asking. But if the texture is UVW mapped then it is behaving correctly because the UWV tells the texture to correspond to the XYZ size/position/rot of the objects polygons. UVW=XYZ in some weird mapping language lolz I dunno how to explain it exactly. But if you change the mapping type/mode to something like cubic or flat that should stop all the stretching but create new problems as the specific areas like the folds and creases in the object will no longer be mapped properly. Its all according to your object how easy a fix it might be. But the best way to get a clean map will be to bust something like the clone brush. This is bodypaint area and i'm not too versed to give an explanation but you could check out 3D kiwi's tuts over at www.c4dcafe.com
  8. Someone got up on the wrong side of bed? anyways. There is a post on CGtalk where he says that 100% is done in CG(3dsmax/vray/some particle app cant remember) anyways check there is you want more info.
  9. So where did you get your information from?
  10. let me know if you find anything cause its a little over my head with all the scripting. The only thing I have been doing dome research on is Metaio designer, but it is pretty expensive.
  11. To my knowledge you can't extract channels from PSD files. You have to render them out as separate files such as TIFF from C4D.
  12. check your video card. Can your system support C4d? what specs do you have?
  13. make a null and then put an align to spline tag on it. Then assign the null to the tracer->hit play.
  14. how are you animating them to bounce in 11.5?
  15. enable backup files in C4D. It saves the previous version of the file as a ".bak" this helps too.
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