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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply, but I forgot to mention one thing. I'll have a word "EXAMPLE" that will dissolve in ants, and these ants will form another word, then how can I do for these particles to form another word, as if the ants come together again forming this another word.
  2. Hello, I am doing an animation and need to make a word if disintegrate and become like little ants (previously animated). Is a word, example "MY TEXT" this text will appear after going todisintegrate , losing "weight" and turning into small and hundreds of ants will have a separate animation. How can I do this? It's as if all the ants together to form one text. Some like this: Thxs! OuvirLer foneticamente
  3. Sorry, I should have interprtado me wrong. Yes, the animation will be displayed on a LED panel, but will also be seen on the computer. The background is animated like an equalizer, but there is one, because each point (or particle) will have a random alpha up and down, and also in the middle, you see? I imagine that CC Ball Action in this case not be of much use, because each point will have a random alpha, and the cc ball action I can not control an individual or random..
  4. Hello, I'm doing an animation for an LED panel, and I need to make an animated background. I tried using the Trapcode Particular but did not have 100% success, the animation is very slow, and I would also like to animate the alpha vertically. jpeg follows the animation for you guys. Image: Image click here Can you help me? Thxs!
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