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    <br /> [b]Get Your Fix / About Us <br /> [/b]<br /> [b]head-ache [hed-eyk][/b]<br /> <br /> [b]–noun<br /> <br /> 1. a pain located in the head, as over the eyes, at the temples, or at the base of the skull.<br /> 2. an annoying or bothersome person, situation, activity, etc.[/b]<br /> <br /> A client wants a logo intro in 24 hours for the opening of their new website, but you are behind schedule on that training video that has to be presented in 5 hours, plus you promised your cousin you would make a DVD of her wedding video with a cute little image viewer by the end of the week.<br /> <br /> [b]Did I mention it’s only Wednesday?[/b]<br /> <br /> The life of a freelance post production professional, as you obviously know, can be a hell of a ride every day, week, month, or year. Keeping clients happy, maintaining your equipment, dealing with various projects at a time, and finding a few moments to learn a few new ‘digital tricks’ can be a little overwhelming. The key to our success is the combination of quality and speed. Although difficult at times, we have all been able to achieve it… but maintaining it can be an issue.<br /> <br /> Creating and gathering all the assets (video, audio, graphic) needed to produce a final project takes an enormous amount time and, as the old saying says, ‘Time Is Money’. Assets are the name of the game. The more you have prepared, the easier it is to serve more clients in less time at a reasonable rate. That’s where we come in… Digital-Aspirin.com provides you, the post production professional, with a vast array of video and audio assets that are sure to enhance your projects while cutting down your production time. Digital-Aspirin.com assists you in ‘buying’ time to increase your revenue.<br /> <br /> Bottom line… we are here to help you make more money by maximizing your time at a reasonable price.<br /> <br /> Get rid of the daily headache with our help.<br /> <br /> [b]Eduardo “Eddie” Rodriguez[/b]<br /> Post Production Professional<br /> <br />
  1. Hey all! Just finished my portfolio website, www.VisualPointOfView.com, and I am hoping to get some feedback. Check it out and email me via the website or just contact me here. Thanks!
  2. Hello to all on Mograph! This week's update on Digital-Aspirin.com includes a new Blog Entry about our website and current projects. We have also increased the exclusive Mograph discount to 20% on all After Effects Files / Projects and Motion Graphics Backgrounds. COUPON CODE: MOGRAPH (ALL CAPS) It is valid until 11/1/10 and cannot be combined with any other discount. So take advantage, check us out if you haven't, get your FREE STUFF, and Stay Creative! We are also having a 25% off on all Stock Photography until the end of the week. COUPON CODE: PRINTIT (ALL CAPS) This pics are all print ready and actually make great decorations with the right frames. Check out our blog and see what we are talking about. Again I want to thank you all for the feedback. The more constructive criticism, the better. Stay Creative,
  3. Thanks to all of you who have visited Digital-Aspirin.com in the last week! We've gotten a lot of exposure on other forums, blogs, and social networks and have been listening to all of the suggestions you have emailed. As a thank you, I would like extend a 15% Discount on all AFTER EFFECTS FILES / PACKAGES we have on our website. This is exclusive to all of you at Mograph.net! COUPON CODE: MOGRAPH It is valid until 11/1/10 and cannot be combined with any other discount. So take advantage, check us out if you haven't, get your FREE STUFF, and Stay Creative! Next weeks upload: Motion Graphics Backgrounds / News Oriented GET YOUR FIX!
  4. is getting his freelance website ready! www.VisualPointOfView.com

  5. Thanks for stopping by the site. Honestly... you are going to have to buy the file.... KIDDING! Simple... there are 2 ways, one that involves $ and the other that doesn't. 1. Trapcode Shine. Google it and you'll find it easily. It is INFINITELY useful and simple to maneuver. Costs $99. 2. In AE you have the effect - GENERATE - LIGHT BURST. It is not as clean as SHINE but does the trick. Adjust the intensity and ray length to what you want... then just keyframe the center anchor point to make the side to side movement. A little Easy Ease and you are done. Out of all the plug-ins out there... Trapcode Shine is probably the least expensive one that you WILL get your money's worth. Stay Creative! Eddie Rodriguez Digital-Aspirin.com
  6. Hey all... I've been in the industry for over 16 years and decided to create my own Motion Graphics Assets website... a la Revostock. I basically created something that engulfs all the things I love about the digital world... After Effects / Motion Graphics, Drum & Bass, and Photography. Obviously I cannot compete with other websites due to lack of funds and the fact that I am doing this on my own, but it's a work in progress. Please check it out and send me some constructive feedback. So far other reader from diverse forums have really helped. If you have a few minutes, check out www.Digital-Aspirin.com; there are a few freebies too. Thanks in advanced to all those who give me some info. Stay Creative, Eddie Rodriguez thedoctor@digital-aspirin.com
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