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  1. that worked perfect simon! thank you!
  2. Hi fogs, Im having my first steps with thinking particles, dont be evil:) I have a scene where i have some metaballs falling as a cascade from a emitter. I have set two group of particles, and in my setup, when group1 collides with the plane which is the deflector instantly becomes group2 which has a follow position with an object in the sky. everything works fine. I want that group1 to keep rolling a few frames in the deflector and then make it "jump" to my object situated in the sky. Is there any way to achieve this behavior? i hope i explained well the situation. thanks!
  3. haha no no, i dont think you are mean. im only in a certain point with c4d that everybody cause me a huge amount of curiosity and my knowledge is minimum, beginning to start. but you are totally right!
  4. awesome! and that T becoming a sort of "cactus" any thoughts? its easy using the displacement on a material but in that way doesn't affect at the dynamics, so...any solution?
  5. that is so helpful, thanks mates. and what do you think about that soft explosio going on on 00:30? thinking particles may be involved?
  6. Oh many thanks for the responses! now one last thing. in the 1:07, do you know how to get that effect? i cant figure it out if it is done using a displace deformer..
  7. hi there, theres a video: http://vimeo.com/20156764. amazing skills and it seems pretty simple. my question is in 00.50, the "o" turns into a ball, i assume that is a texture with the displacement map affected by some kind of noise. The problem is when I try to do that my sphere doesnt with the texture. I mean, the ball rolls but the "noise" created with the displacement map is not affected by the dynamics. any solution? thank you!
  8. Thanks for asking but it doesnt help me in any possible ways. Could you be more specific? How can I animate the path in that way?
  9. Okay, im a big fan of Jrcanest. He made that wonderful thing http://vimeo.com/12677264, amazing, amazing video showing his skills. My doubt is: can someone say something about how he makes that circle on 0:15?? thank you!
  10. for the noobs, can you give us a little explaining of how doing that? thanks!
  11. This video belongs to PLENTY.TV my question is how they do that super organic numbers between seconds 15 to 20. its pretty amazing and i want to ask for some help to learn how it is done. thank you.
  12. hi folks, maybe a silly doubt but im stuck. i want to create an animation with modynamics simulating tetris. For example, for this shape of tetris: # ### If i use connect and delete with the splines they disappear. maybe theres a way using cubes and the cloner? thanks!
  13. thank you so much, very useful!
  14. i have seen the NAB and SIGRAPH presentation from the great mike senften where he talks about the tecniques used in his spot. my question is on the second watch, how does he shadow affect in that "line" mode? does anybody know it? im desperate! thanks.
  15. Maybe a silly question but.. Whats the reason for using a fracture object instead a cloner?
  16. hi guys, after watch some of the mike senften videos i have one very big doubt. What are the ways using only c4d to create keyframes from a sound. Ive read here in mograph that baking the sound effector would do the trick, but it hasnt work for me. its driving me mad so i claim for help here. thank you!
  17. thanks for answer. there is another thing.. do you think the floating particles and the grid is made in c4d or in ae?
  18. hello everyone, first, i asume the video i'm going to share is made in c4d. then my question is... how can you make look that way?? with the thin lines and all of these. sketch and toon? but how?? http://vimeo.com/9310327 the video belongs to eden soto. thank you!
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