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  1. Wow! Mocha looks awesome. Too bad I can't afford something like that.
  2. What a great article! I'm assuming these rules will apply to AE.
  3. Wow, I've never heard of using HDRI this way! I went to fxguide.com and found this article: http://www.fxguide.com/modules.php?name=fxtips&rop=showcontent&id=304 Not sure if this is exactly what your were recommending, but it sure does give some more insight into lighting. Would you suggest I employ a similar technique? I will be mainly working in AE and Photoshop, not Maya. Will this matter? Thanks!
  4. Thanks to everyone for their advice and input, especially misanthrope. and ootb. Any suggestions or advice for making rotoscoping as painless as possible? In the past it has never turned out the way I'd like. I was actually considering upgrading to CS5 just for the roto brush tool option. Is it worth it? Thanks
  5. I'm deep into the pre production of a music video and need a little advice: I am planning on shooting a band play the living room of an old Victorian home where suddenly a variety of 3D objects appear floating and multiplying amongst the players. Currently I plan on shooting the scene and variety of shoots all "locked off" in full 1920x1080 HD so that adding the 3D objects will require minimal motion tracking. Also, I would like to have the objects appearing in-front and behind the players, often times obstructing the camera's view. With this in mind, it has come to my attention that it may be best to shoot the band in a green studio rather than the living room of the Victorian and THEN nest the them back into the final environment. Is this the best solution? Here is a test scene I have created to demonstrate the look I am going for: http://vimeo.com/15036880 password: geometric Any advice would help. Thanks
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