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  1. Oh! Thanks! I looked at the layer panel menu but not the tracker panel, stupid of me =x
  2. Hi, i'm not sure if i'm posting on the right space, but does anyone know if there is a switch to turn on and off JUST the motion path of the regular tracker in AE? Someone used my computer at work last week and now it doesn't show the tracking's motion path... it still can track shit, it shows motion paths and points everywhere else, but it won't show the motion path after tracked. I've tried turning motion paths off and on, deleting preferences, reading all preference menus hundreds of times, and etc. and i kinda would feel ridiculous if i had to reinstal everything just to see if they would come back =\ please, can anyone help?
  3. bvaz

    experimental reel

    I understand what you say about the "experimental" label, most things labeled with this word are not experimenting with anything "new". What i am sorry to say, is that right now you are also doing this. I'm not saying that it cannot evolve into something new, i'm just saying that what you are doing is just sending waves of pure noise, even if that has any meaning to you, to us, it's just noise. The things that could make this experience more valuable were already done in the 90's by VJs and even before by video-artists like Nam June Paik, just to give you a few examples, if you go beyond the "moving images" category, it just keeps going further into the past. If i would give you an advice it would be to take the next step. Go beyond this experiment and do something different from what you have done, maybe experiment with something else, or maybe give this attempt you are doing a second layer of depth, examine what you have done, take something from the experience you already had with different people watching it and what you think that idea can still go. Right now, what you've done is just noise to everyone, maybe playing more with time on a similar piece, exposing more some frames, so people could try to make sense of something, or get a projector, gather some people and make a different experience than watching it on vimeo. But if you want to get some commercial work, i'd tell you to start doing something different, something that shows design and animation skills. There are great examples out there of people who did great work without repeating themselves, look for them.
  4. If it's just a little intersection you can use the Cloth Nurbs to extrude your plane a bit and it will hide it. It may be a better option than calculating the self-collisions some times, specially if the simulation is already the way you want it to be.
  5. bvaz


    I don't know if there is a way of doing it with real guides and etc., but why not making a solid and "recreate" the guides with it, and then copy it to another layer and use it as a guide layer?
  6. You answered 20 out of 20 questions correctly. Just stick to the angle of the terminal, if it is parallel or 90˚ to the baseline, it's helvetica. In an office i used to work there was a helvetica "e" at the reception... i liked that "e" a lot. The guy did a poor job cleaning up some of those brands before putting Arial on it, check the "the north face", you can see left overs from helvetica's F. I'm not that good with typography, still have a lot to learn, but what some good designers have told me and i never forgot was that in the end, you will have a collection of "favorite" fonts, most of the time you will end up using one of them. And if really you don't know what fonts to put in this favorite collection, just chose it like wine, as Tezuka said, ask someone who knows about it some options and stick to them while you taste others and find your taste.
  7. I didn't know they could handle 16GB of RAM, just checked the apple store quickly. But this price is an absolute deal-braker right now, it's almost the price of the computer. Are you serious? Could post the time it took and specs/render settings on both computers? Seems interesting, and probably would help a lot the guy who opened the thread.
  8. The new quad-core MBPs looks nice. But it only handles 8GB of RAM max, the 27 inch iMacs may be a better solution if you don't want a mobile computer that much. I have never worked on a machine that has more than two cores, but i mostly have worked for graphic design firms that are not used to the horsepower of video related work and did very little 3d work commercially. Still, i've handled some pretty heavy AE comps, and some lengthy ones, when it was necessary i asked friends for their computers to render (if freelancing and felt the deadline was reasonable and i was the one late), when it wasn't possible, i had to deliver less than expected (by me, giving the client less than they expects is hardly an option for us) to cut render time or try to expand my deadline. That sucks. I would say, if you can handle the price of a better computer, it may be worth, unless you NEED a laptop computer. It's pretty depressing see what an 8-core macpro render in 2 hours what took you 18 in your MPB.
  9. bvaz


    Did i say my country's army is better or that our judicial system is better? No. I live here, i KNOW this and plenty more shit than you imagine about this country. I'm just discussing about Osama Bin Laden, if you want to make a thread about how shitty Brazil is, HEY! Call me edit: Just adding, here in Brazil we actualy say "Everyone is equal, except for the ones that are 'more equal'"
  10. bvaz


    Justice is one thing, it envolves a series of steps, listening to both sides, judging , etc., vengeance on the other hand... My example is simple, a guy murders all the people you know IN THE WORLD, do you have the right to kill him? No... As soon as anyone has the "right" to do so, this person is given more power and then, this is NOT democracy. I think none of us are naive enough to believe theese people do not already exist, this is a problem we have for a long time. BUT if we stop questioning their right to do so, it is like putting in your constitution "Everyone is equal, except the people that are better". We can't say it was right just because it was for a cause you believed in. It is stating that the means justify the ends, and pretty much a lot of hairy things came from this affirmation. I remember seeing in a documentary years ago about Hugo Chavez, a woman was protesting against the military and the media trying to take him from the power, she was saying "I voted for him but i don't believe/like him anymore, BUT i want him out of there when his time ends, when what i agreed to happens, not a minute sooner, otherwise, this would not be democracy". And another thing... if the guy used a woman as a shield... DON'T SHOOT IF THERE IS A CHANCE OF KILLING HER! That's why people take hostages, because WE VALUE LIFE, isn't it? That's what you said when you went on this war, because those people who died needed justice so their "souls" could rest in peace. As Mr.Spock (to quote a FICCIONAL CHARACTER created in the USA) would say "I value sentient life above everything". And don't tell me that if it wasn't her life, it would be their. The reports i read said there were six people in the house, three men, three women, against an elite team of your army?
  11. bvaz


    Isn't anyone gonna comment that the USA just invaded another country, entered a man's house and started shooting until everything that moved had stopped? And that they just decided to execute the man without even faking a trial, which they bothered doing with Saddam? I'm not saying i like the guy, or i think that if he had a "fair" trial the result would be different, i'm just saying that as soon as you jump one stage that was built to ensure democracy, the others will be just a consequence, THAT's how totalitarian regimes start, you know? Jesus, i must be from another planet... at least i heard in Europe there was some talk about it. If it's true, i better move there quickly, if not, then i must hope the mothership comes to the rescue, because i'm pretty sure south america will be next after you end this so called "war" on the middle east. The media is already taking care of making most presidents here look like tyrants, dictators, terrorist and "threats to democracy", so ass soon as the middle east is done, you are going to look for oil AND water here. Or all of you think that you are REALLY the good guys, that just want to help the world and make good clean business, like when Brazil discovered probably the biggest oil reserve in the world on it's shore, and you sent a fucking ship armed to the teeth here, just to ask for some information about who are we going to sell this to? I hope i'm not sounding like a crazy-anti-american guy, i think every place and group of people in the world has it's characteristics, good and bad, but seriously, it's not because you are inside of one you can't have some critical thought about it.
  12. bvaz

    First reel

    I see what's your point, and i think maybe i've put less thought to it than i should... The thing is, i'm a fan of Massimo Vignelli's quote "If you can design one thing, you can design everything". Yes, everyone has their toolset of choice and their preferences but i'd like to think (or at least hope) of myself as an user of this tools and not as a technician that can do just a specific task. That way of working with different medium (despite most beeing not beeing too "distant") has kind of worked for me until now. BUT, on the other hand, i'm about to move to another city with a bigger market, and for what i know, this places tend to be more sectored, and no one there knows me, so, perhaps leaving people with a doubt about what i'm able to do must be the same of giving them a piece of paper with my name written on it and say that's my reel. Thanks for the input! Always good to know what's not good in our work, and it's hard for close people to do so sometimes. If in a week no one answers my e-mails i'll probably cut out some of this stuff. I've got some other critiques from people saying i've put too much stuff that looks too technical without any reason to be there (from a story telling point of view).
  13. bvaz

    First reel

    Thanks for the feedback, guys! dotcommer, this is my first reel but i have some years of experience on my back to know that publishing a copy of a tutorial is just the worse thing you can do. And yeah, cargo is great, so easy to set up. I've been trying to make a website for myself for quite a while, and now it kinda got necessary to have one in order to look for new jobs, cargo just saved my ass! gui, i agree that it is a bit long, i wanted it to be one minute long, but in the end, i decided that it was better to have a bit longer reel to show some diversity, the studios i'm trying to work with have such great quality work... i thought showing them i could different things would help me convince them i could help them in some way . I'm from Belo Horizonte, but i'll probably move to São Paulo in some weeks, let's keep in touch! Nice to know someone from brazil in this forum!
  14. bvaz

    First reel

    Hey guys, finished my first reel some days ago and now looking for some critique (and work, of course ). I also made a quick portfolio on cargo collective, http://cargocollective.com/bernardovaz any comments would be appreciated . Thanks!
  15. bvaz

    Claudio Salas Reel

    http://motionographer.com/2011/04/21/colorful-reel-full-of-nice-animations-by-claudio-salas/ said and done Great reel!
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