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  1. Hi folks, Here’s my new music video featuring particle FX (and an whole city) created in AE with Superluminal Stardust. https://vimeo.com/373383159 If anyone feels like discussing particles, please don't hesitate. :-) JM
  2. Hey, Thank you for this post. Being shared by fellow mographers with such enthusiasm is really heartwarming. JM
  3. Hi all, I have exactly the same problem... with AE CS4 and mac os 10.6.4. Never had this issue with CS4 and Mac os 10.5 though, so my guess is it's coming from the system, or something in AE that doesn't agree with Snow Leopard. Edit : Oh, and my renders are always faster after restarting now, no matter what kind of output (.mov or image sequence).
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