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  1. Has anyone else had issues with the aec plugin in Adobe AE CC? I can't seem to import a multi-pass scene. Mind you this is the first time I'm really using CC instead of CS6. I do have the plugin in the plugins folder of AE. I don't want to mess with Cineware on this project.
  2. I'm stuck. I'm trying to trigger a simple reverse animation with the Collison Node using the Monoflop Node. Distilling the problem down to the basics. Imagine a cube keyframed from one position to another. I want to have the animation reverse after a certain numer of frames without keyframes and I want to be able to adjust the "time" freely. Any suggestions? Up to this point I can only get it to snap back into place.
  3. If you are a beginner..... Try playing with the pBlurp node. It's the most basic TP setup out there. Just one node. Put one object under the plane in the scene and the one you want to have form above it hidden in the object manager and scene, (red lights). The HELP file has an excellent step by step use of it. Make sure you add Particle Geomentry to your scene and your objects are editable. Try "Count" and "Single Faces" Post a follow up if you have questions.
  4. Not 100% sure what you mean by "GI settings cranked up". To start, make sure you are using IR + QMC (Full Animation). Brute force! Next, are you using Shadow Maps or Area Shadows?
  5. Have you tried using the "Compositing Tag"?
  6. If an option...How about trying the new Position Pass in R14? However that may only work on geometry
  7. I would approach it iike how are designer approaches making a billboard on the highway. Up close they can look pretty low resolutions but from afar they just look fine. Just like a movie theater... stand up next to the screen and it's not all that great, but sit in the back row and it's a whole new deal. Tim Clapham discusses this briefly in this video http://www.fxphd.com...le-tim-clapham/ Also, for camera tiling check out this Maxon Quick Tip:
  8. Use a plain effector with the Cloner object. Check the rotation, position, and/or scale options to taste in the effector settings. You can drop two or more molecules in the Cloner Object as well. Then add a dynamics tag to make them come alive. Of course, theres a Thinking Particles way of going about it but that is probably out of your league right now. As for glass, it's a matter of giving a material transperancy, adding refraction, and giving the scene a good HDR in a Sky Ojbect to use for reflections. You can also use a standard old particle emitter, drop your "molecules" in it, and use forces to manipulate how the molecules fly about. good luck
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