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  1. Thanks for the input, SaintEfan. Really helpful! Most of the peeps I've been speaking to, told me indeed that it was too "slow", too "long". Some others said that it fits the work & personality, that it's kinda slow. Personally, I think it's a bit too slow. Cutting the intro would be a nice idea! Will consider it next time I'm making a motion graphic. I guess it's mainly this: I've been digging the music in Premiere to look for all the accents & beats, to make sure that it would jump from one screen to another on a specific beat / vibe. So if the intro took too long, I guess I was aiming for a beat, so it would really catch the attention when it jumped to the first screen. Do you guys suggest I need to skip placing the transitions on a specific beat? And just let the screens follow one eachother.. Cutting interactive projects down to a small bit, I'm afraid the user would not see where the interactivity lays in the projects. I had a real doubt about this for a long time. Glad you say it's too long. I'll keep that in mind for the future! Let me know, I'm curious! (thanks for the kind words on my temporary page. you should check it out in the morning 'round 9am & in the evening 'round 10pm, it switches themes, haha) Kind regards, Yordi
  2. Hi Ianfreeze! Thank you so much for the comments. I understand you completely. It's indeed a showreel stuffed with interface designs. Though, there's some motion graphics put into it. The main idea was to show the different areas I'm experimenting on. And Flash happens to be the biggest love of those areas. Do you suggest that I'd put more action into the screen caps? Such as some subtle camera movements? + the footage of the water were some shots I shot in Norway. it should give the user a break from all the action & screen captures :—D Did it work? It should be giving you a relaxing time, along with the music. If you'd like to contact me for some challenging work, feel free to get in touch with me / info@cencrea.be My next work I'll be posting here, will be entirely Motion Graphics related. I'm sorry if I brought chaos to this forum with my topic. I'll make it up to you guys! See you soon, Yordi
  3. Anyone? Any critique is welcome. Give it to me, baby! aha, aha! Would love to hear from you, thank you in advance. Kindness, Yordi
  4. Love your work, mate! Maybe the typography could use a little more work, but love the motion, colors & vibe! Nice work, once again. Kind regards, Yordi
  5. Hi there! I'm Yordi, nice to meet you. This is kinda new to me but I'll give it a shot. Recently I launched my showreel 2010 to attract some major internships abroad. Would love to explore some place in the world during these 3 months. The showcase contains selected works from the past few years. There's lots more but this will give you some idea of what I'm doing with Flash & interactive experiences. » http://vimeo.com/15896531 Enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated. Would love to hear from you! Kind regards, Yordi Uytersprot — www.cencrea.be
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