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  1. Hello everyone, I've finally updated my motion graphics reel. Please take a look, and feel free to give any feedback.
  2. Keaton

    Stop Motion Film

    Update. If you're interested in the set construction process. Here's a video with yours truly explaining how our set works. Feel free to ask any questions about it.
  3. Keaton

    Stop Motion Film

    Hey Mographers, Stop Motion is my favorite medium. It'a so nice to step away from AE and work with your hands. I want to share the teaser for a short I've been working on for about 2 years called "Frog Bar". It's a super fun project. Teaser: Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/frog-bar/x/3046269 Be a part of the fun by donating Stop motion is too rare and needs more love. Spamming aside, I'm really proud of how this project is coming together. My business partner made the logo animation in Maya. It's pretty sexy. I'd love to get any feedback you may have. Feel free to ask questions, critique or whatever you want.
  4. Keaton

    My First Reel

    Hey Sean May, Perfectly valid critique. I was going for the lo-fi 8/16bit look. I think in context and with the original audio it makes sense, but in this reel it lacks grounding. At one point I was trying to find the exact resolution for those games, then I was going to size it up for a 16:9 ratio, but I couldn't find that information anywhere. So I just tried to go with what looked good. I designed myself into a whole with that one a little bit. If I did too many pixels, it looks like a low-res, crappy render, but if I do too few it's illegible. I put in my reel to show I could work with a brand and have fun with it. But now that you mention it, the placement of it could probably be better. Thanks so much, I appreciate it.
  5. This is a cool video. Good stuff. I'm like the kinetic type aspect to it. I think it's really effective. For the most part the motion tracking is working really well. However, I would simplify the movement of the infographics that are linked to the people. The motion is distracting. I might just have it slowly shift towards or away from them, but not follow their head movements so specifically. Also I think having the iterations of the infographics that fade of is almost working, but I think it too could be simplified. It's just looking like a pile of stuff rather than interesting data. I might try to keep the graphics less of the focal point and have the characters be more the focal point. But everything else is great. This is me nit-pickin' Great job.
  6. Keaton

    My First Reel

    Hey SaintEfan, Thanks for the feedback. Everything you said is how I feel about it. Hopefully soon I will have more grounded client work and industry work to shove in rather than these tests. I tried hard to stay away from the Kramer-Campbellitis. Not to say I haven't learned a lot from them. But I wanted this reel to reflect me, not tutorials. Thanks for the great input. Much appreciated. Best, Keaton
  7. Hey folks, http://www.vimeo.com/23935948 This is a summer season campaign reel for Comedy Central. Keeping mostly to the new branding guidelines for the new CC logo, four of us made this campaign as a final Assignment for our Motion Graphics class. We had 1 week to conceptualize, 1 week to execute the 10 second campaign spot, then 1 week for each member of the team to create a 3 second stinger. Our concept was based on contraception. Check it out. We had fun with it.
  8. Keaton

    Stop Motion Thesis

    UPDATE: Hey everyone, This video has won the Academy of Art University Fall Animation Festival, has gotten over 50K hits on vimeo and has now won Best in Show at the Academy of Art University Spring Show. Check it out. http://www.vimeo.com/17536753
  9. Keaton

    My First Reel

    Hey Dave, Thanks for the input. All valid points. I realize my reel is a mishmash of all sorts of stuff. For this reel I was trying to show that I'm a bit of a generalist. But I agree, my character animation is the stronger aspect of my reel. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  10. Keaton

    My First Reel

    Hey folks, Here is a link to my first mograph reel. Mograph Reel 2011 For my first reel I'm proud of it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you all have to offer. Thanks for your time & all the best, Keaton Tips
  11. Keaton

    Stop Motion Thesis

    UPDATE: This video just got a vimeo staff pick. I'm still open to feedback. Thanks
  12. Hey folks, http://vimeo.com/17536753 Here is a link to my friend's stop motion thesis. Three of us worked on it for 14 months. I'm really proud to have worked on it. I'm open to critique. That's why I'm posting it. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.
  13. I actually worked for the Cowboys TV Broadcasting dept, and made graphics for their video display specifically. The resolution is full HD. 1920 X 1080. Compression, we usually used Apple ProRess 422. On a 5500 sq ft screen, all those pixels count. And you never judge your work so harshly as when it's 60 yrds wide with 80,000 people looking at it.
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