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  1. Yeah we use a milo motion control camera, couldn't do these shots without one I don't think.
  2. Fresh off the render queue, I supervised the vfx for this film for BECHTEL's 'We Need Engineers' initiative. Tons of roto, cg, tracking and late nights, but we got there in the end. What do you guys think? https://vimeo.com/119434335
  3. What JohnnyB said... it's impressive that you've churned out a few animations already, demonstrates your understanding/interest in the software. Keep working on your design and animation principles and you'll definitely improve. Also learn those rules and see how far you can bend/break them too, who knows man you could just bring something fresh to the community
  4. Hey guys, my brother and I did this hand drawn 2D animation for the Red Bull Canimation competition, please watch it to VOTE for us, like and comment if you have a Vimeo account too! We need hits to get to the judging stage... I animated it in Flash, comped the elements in After Effects and my brother McRachi did the brilliant 'can beat' on Reason. We're working under the banner ray-wave (as in light rays and audio waves) and we'll be doing more projects soon *sorry for the double post!
  5. Nice, I need to try this...
  6. Looking good rotoman... bookmarked! I usually use Flash for 2D traditional-style animation but I think I need to learn some Illustrator... Nice website btw!
  7. Cheers dan... Thanks adam... Yeah my 2d stuff needs more work, dropping Flash on my next short film going traditional. It was intentional to alternate between 3d and 2d to hopefully keep people watching, keep em guessing. But I agree, ended up a bit jarring.
  8. Yeah the sound is what sold the visuals to me. Gave it that choppy, sort of glitchy-ness to it... sweeeeeeeet!
  9. Love the overall look, full of colour and energy! Can't wait to watch it with sound, it'll definitely enhance it.
  10. Yeah I think your intro was a bit long kinda shows that you are compensating for time. More work would have been nice, but what you showed was good, keep at it... you gotta start somewhere!
  11. The book with ball of water thing... blew me away!
  12. It's alive... my 2010 showreel check it out! http://vimeo.com/16163559 I tried to make it into a little film of sorts... painfully edited to match with the music. What do you guys think, too much, just right, meh? Oh yeah full quality version is on my website... http://www.fraserntukula.com/
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