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  1. My employer is building out a new PC for me and I have some input on how it's built. As far as graphics cards go, they're saying the Nvidia K5200 is a great graphics card, but I've heard the Titan X is a beast and the one you should get, if you have the funds. I'll be using C4D and AE mostly, with an eye toward a render engine in the future. Any recommendation on either of these cards? Or another card you'd recommend?
  2. I'm on a Mac Pro, running OSX 10.9. At first I was saving to a network, then switched to local saves. The only plug-in I have installed GSG's HDRI Studio, but I'm not using it. I contacted Maxon and they asked me to send them the file. After about an hour, they sent it back with almost all of the data intact.
  3. I've never had a problem opening files in Cinema before, but in the last week I've been getting the dreaded Incorrect File Structure error multiple times. I know it's basically a death sentence for the C4D file, but I'm wondering why, all of a sudden, I keep getting this error. Even my auto saves are corrupted. So much lost work. Anyone have any clues? Thanks.
  4. Hey Chris, I'm eagerly awaiting the new CSTools. Any update on the release?
  5. You can always render without volumetric light and export the AE file from Cinema (with the 3D option checked). Then use Trapcode Lux on the lights in AE.
  6. Looks like residents of Florida want answers as to why DD abruptly shutdown, laid off 100's of workers, and they want the prime real estate back. Anyone have any insight? http://m.cbs12.com/article?id=8550500&categoryid=337
  7. The speed at which TV projects need to be done can definitely be insane, but wait...are you saying the deadlines outside of TV are better? I honestly don't know. I'm 10 years in and I've spent 99% of my career in TV. I didn't realize there was a difference. I feel like I'm Jim Carrey in The Truman Show and just found out there's a whole new world out there.
  8. I hardly use the metaball object, but I was messing around with it today and noticed the reflections look terrible. No matter what settings I changed, it always looked low-res. I even brought other people in to take a look and get feedback, but they had no idea what the problem was. Is this a known problem with the metaball? I added a primitive sphere to the scene and rendered it with the same material, but the reflection is terrible only on the metaball object. I'll upload the scene and/or frame render if I can figure out how to.
  9. KushDesign


    Wow, some really useful updates in R14. Check out the Cineversity preview... https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/new_in_cinema_4d_r14
  10. Thanks for the advice Kat. Here are the specs from our IT guys: HP Z820 Workstation 48GB DDR3-1600 8x4GB+8x2GB 2CPU RAM Xeon E5-2687W 3.1 20M 1600 8C 1 CPU Xeon E5-2687W 3.1 20M 1600 8C 2 CPU Boot drive 128GB SATA 1st SSD RAID 0, 4 drive stripe, 600GB 10K RPM SAS SFF HDD NVIDIA Quadro 5000 2.5GB GFX Option And / OR NVIDIA Tesla C2075 Compute Processor And / OR NVIDIA Quadro 6000 6GB GFX
  11. My company is (finally!) upgrading from CS3 to CS6. We're also getting all new PC hardware. There are a few hardware configs we're looking at, but we'd really like to compare how each config performs before buying. Is there a CS6 benchmark project that's been created for this purpose? Thanks.
  12. As much as 30% of Digital Domain's VFX and stereoscopic conversion will be student interns PAYING to work there. Thoughts?
  13. 99 cents in the Mac app store gets you a nifty little app that switches the F keys back and forth. You can even customize it based on which program you're in. Not a necessity, but very handy!
  14. This is my guy... http://joes-tax.com/ It's a father and son operation. I've worked with both. Don't let the crappy website fool you, they are awesome. On 7th Ave and 8th St in Park Slope. Hope this helps.
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