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  1. Haha fair comment! Advise taken, cheers Ollie
  2. Thank you for your comments, I actually feel exactly that same! The fact is I work for a relativity small design company on a very small Island (Jersey, UK). So I have to tailor my work to make a living.. I consider myself to be pretty flexible, and I enjoy working with other designers and artist to create what the client needs while landing the job. That being said and to ans your question, although my reel might not illustrate it, my specialist skill is 3D modeling. But in resent year I've become more interested in mograph, so by new reel will hopefully include more of that I didn't get your name, but thank you for your msg. I will defiantly take on your advise. Cheers, Ollie
  3. I know, it was taken in the Vancouver days I like the bus shot anyway really, the reflections make it for me. And you can't beat a good old static camera shot here and there Cheers bud, Ollie
  4. Thanks Ed, Some great feedback! Yeah a few people had mentioned the AE shot looks out of place. The reason I included it is due to a job application that required me to show some AE skills.. But I think I'll replace it in the re-edit. The length was tricky, I initially wanted it under a minute. But my work generally has a shower pace to it. I'll try by best to cut it down, steering clear of Michael Bay style editing! Yeah I like the VW, but I know what you mean. I'm hoping to replace this with something stronger soon I had a look at the company's you mentioned, some pretty amazing stuff! Thanks again Ed, you've been a great help, Cheers, Ollie
  5. Hey Conrad, Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it. In reply to your comments; - Regarding the G-Nation animation I agree, i'm just not sure which shot to use! Also I worked with a friend to create that animation, and although I story-boarded it some of the aniamtion is his.. - The flickering on the robot is due to low global illumination settings.. It's something I'd like to fix, but I'm only working on a mac book pro at the moment - Yeah, also something I'd like to fix. I created that a few years ago in Softimage (then XSI..). I was new to particles and for some reason I couldn't get the smoke to cast shadows...! Thanks again man, Ollie
  6. Hey, This is the first edit of my demoreel, that I've just finished! I'm looking for some feedback, and any comments/suggestions you may have? Hope you like it! Cheers, Ollie www.ollieh.com Music by: Himuro - Popular Science Apps used: C4D, Softimage and AE
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