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  1. learn something new everyday, thanks!
  2. yeah Binky, pixel fuck each frame?! .. that's beautiful. .. really is tho.. I think that's something ever motionographer needs to hear getting into the industry. Thanks.
  3. thats pretty cool, i may have to reinstall max to give it a try, i cant say i miss it in the convetional way but it does remind of those countless hours of play and I why i chose this degree and stayed, or was that AE? anyways, im excited =]
  4. Hey good luck, I just did the same thing in the middle of last month. What part of LA?
  5. Catchy tune, although by now your probably done hearing about limes and coconuts lol I'd love to hear more about VDMX & Syphon, personally I've always Resolme Avenue and wondered if you had any experience with it to make a comparison.
  6. You can do it all with C4D nd AE.. Myleniums right.. as in you make a 3d representation (the leg) animate it so it mimics the leg inside the footage you have, and animate the branches nd stuff around it. then you just composite it all together. I've never opened a video per say in c4d i've always used 3ds max for that but i would assume the answers is yes and isn't far from a google search away. the incorporating it into the video is really in the composite and your gonna wanna really look at the details to pull it off like matching the lighting and adding the grain and stuff, hope that helps
  7. Don't quote me but other than the Trapcode it looks like they've used Twitch from Video Copilot for that flicker, perhaps a lens distortion or some distortion to warp the image. Experiment with different layers of particles :]
  8. zummbie

    Hey I'm new!

    Oh yeah it's horrible! I'm not an american citizen myself but I've been lucky to have been living hear for quite sometime, its been near impossible for my extended family to come visit! Madmonk, thanks! and It's real funny you say that, I just got done some work from craigslist looking to move to LA real soon to give it a go myself. Guru or not never give up on something you love. London... I'd absolutely love to go there one day.
  9. zummbie

    Hey I'm new!

    Hey, Hi! I'm in a similar boat.. except state instead of country, but 3-4 years of solidly working on it sounds about right :] Best of luck! and nice reel.
  10. mind if i ask how long that took to put together?
  11. zummbie


    wow that's a great post daveglanz. thanks!
  12. love the idea of this thread, I'm always looking for new music to listen to. the new black keys album has been stuck in my head or maybe some shpongle? ever herd of them? cant stand too much dubstep, the mass bro-step influx (no offense) kinda made me wanna stop VJing
  13. the video quality difference is insane.
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