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  1. I think it was great. the only thing that really bugged me was all the logos at the end. I know how annoying it is to deal with a group of logos. I'd try to think of a way to handle such cases in the future. Myself, I tend to unify them by reversing them out of the background. that way at least their all white. i know it sounds like its just minutia but it helps to maintain the integrity of the design. companies usually are fine with reversed logos so this always seems to be a solution. also, i think the white edge that butts up against the grass in the beginning looks too blurred. blades of grass would of helped the edge transition better than blurring the white edge and putting a black shadow on it. the motion seemed to cut after the "punch" of the action. I'd cut !!RIGHT!! as the player hits the ground !!BAM!!, this would make the action more impact full and exciting and also help with pacing. I think that adding some graphics in the main footage would of carried over the design a bit and helped it be more cohesive as well. now that i've played armchair motion designer let me just say, nice job. if i could only change one thing, it would be that ugly logo frame. i hate when a project calls for those. again good work, i look forward to seeing more. P.S. i viewed it one more time. The font is right on, nice choice. I think it could of been bigger. also the motion on the keyed sequences with the blue ban could be cut quicker. dont take this wrong. its a great job, im just being critical.
  2. AromaKat, yes i am comparing software packages to help indicate the level of expertise and knowledge thats required to master the tools. your the second "kat" thats posted today, funny avatar picture. P.S. I was just looking for some insight. in hindsight i think i should of left rate comparisons out of my initial post but i thought it would be good reference. I see much more value in motion graphics than print or web. but value is relative. I originally posted right after i was in the "jobs" forums and it just made me uncomfortable seeing some of those rates. have a nice night.
  3. vozzz, now that sounds about right and what i really was expecting to hear. hopefully thats the case. thats why i decided to ask instead of assume. but still, we are still up to our knees in assumption. 20 dollar minimum wage? good for australia!
  4. a2visual, that would of been my default logic, however, I started this thread because all I seem to see are companies asking for highly skilled and creative motion designers that can also change their cars oil, program their TiVo, and invent a time machine for them. All at a day rate of etc... Have a good night everyone.
  5. anothername, those are great points. I just thought there would be a logical explanation. I think its demand. i mean, how many motion graphics jobs are out there compared to print design or web design. maybe the future will open up more positions when we have screens on every wall, billboard and jacket on the street. and lets not forget about the moon, theres another canvas. i think the real increase in demand will be when mobile devices and the internet get an increase in bandwidth as i said earlier.
  6. Seems to be the case for Entertainment design as well. I was talking to my friend that does 3D for films and he said dont even bother going into 3D due to the extreme competition.
  7. Thats what my thinking was when I considered motion graphics. With all the screens plus the inevitable increase in bandwidth of the web, there will be greater demand. Well thanks for your post, i didnt know that there wasnt really a demand for motion graphics at this point. seems crazy that such a specialized profession within the same industry (graphic arts) would pay less than a profession that doesnt require the same expertise as say print.
  8. Hello, I think overall it was great and had me smiling. I dont have much motion graphics experience but I am a photoshop professional for years upon years and Im extremely well versed in compositing. My comments are on the text effects, mainly shadows and bevels. Try using color for shadows. People often use black for shadows which just makes elements look dirty or grungy. When you have something like a pumpkin and a shadow is being cast on it, the shadow isnt black, its a darker orange. Using black (even if you use "Multiply") will just produce something that is unpleasant. I often use a curves adjustment layer with a mask to dial in just the right color mix for the shadow. Not only does it make a better composite, it makes the production quality so much better. 1. The opening text, there isnt enough contrast between the orange value and the blue value. If you want the colors as they are, i would suggest a stroke around the text (set behind the fill) of a light blue or white. and make sure your drop shadow is a dark blue and NOT black. 2. Take a look at the word "Cooking" in your incredibly entertaining video. I would (depending on whats casting that shadow) either adjust the drop shadow color, or if its a 3D object set the Light Transmission to a percentage that will bring in some of the layer color into the cast shadow. 3. You have some beveled text "BIBLE", apply the same principle. Dont use white for highlights and black for shadows if you can avoid it. 4. Also, the steam coming out of moms pan is too slow. maybe speed that up and add an effect that looks like real steam behind the illustrated steam. just a quick blast for drama. Great job. Great work fun stuff.
  9. Hello people, I've been working in the graphic arts field for 20 years and mainly work with print and web. However, I dont really find the web design that rewarding and have recently started learning after effects focusing on motion design. Currently, for print and web work, whether if its production or design, freelancers can charge $75 an hour. For an eight hour day thats $600. Now keep in mind this is just using, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and possibly some Flash layout (no programing). With this in mind, I would think motion graphics designers would make a lot more. Their discipline requires advanced knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and possibly a 3D program. That however, doesnt seem to be the case. I've looked around, and even on this site under the Jobs section, the companies that are looking for motion graphics freelancers are asking for someone who does it all, 3D, After Effects, Animator, Designer, trouble shoot computer issues, broadcast and film knowledge, broadcast and film experience, and program their spouses to clean up after them and make a hundred dollar bill that always produces another just by sitting there. What im saying is, it appears that people needing motion graphics dont really value the experience it requires. From what i've seen, motion designers dont make any more than a print or web designer. One job posting here listed the compensation as $250 to $400 a day. But print and web designers can make more than that with less expertise and less knowledge of complex applications. Any light to shine on this bizarre devaluing of a complex and highly skilled profession? Could it be that people posting on message boards looking for designers are just inexperienced customers that dont know any better? Thanks in advance The Beatles
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