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  1. I updated the graphic card drive and now all works fine but I have another problem, I don't have the 'Rigid Body' option, I hope us can help me :/
  2. NVidia GeForce 8400M G 256mb Driver Version : :/
  3. I think my computer can run cinema 4D r12, because I used cinema4D r11 and it works nice :/ EDIT!!: I have some news, if I open a hold cinema 4D R11 project, the programe looks fine and I can work normaly. If I create new document when the mouse is under some menu tabs or move a cube for example the artwork be black, like this:
  4. Hi, today I installed cinema 4D r12, but I think I have a lot of problems, my artwork area have some stupid bugs, like I move the mouse and it appear black, looks like lag. Sorry my bad english but I'm portuguese :/ Have a nice day, thank you I hope we can help me
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