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  1. https://vimeo.com/16515963 My brand new demo reel... Thanks for watching
  2. Everyone, thanks for the comment. I am redoing my reel and these tips are essential. Even more come from experienced professionals like you. This forum encourages me to be a better artist with each new comment. You are the best. Thanks. Cristian Cunha
  3. Olá Gui, Cara, eu sou um brasileiro e não brasileira...hahahhah Mas obrigado pelo comentário... Abraços
  4. Hi Fabio, What a great reel. Congratulations, Cristian Cunha
  5. Hello, I am a Brazilian CG artist passionate about what I do and I seek to improve every day. This demo reel contains films produced at Oca Filmes, where I work today. I would like to see his critiques, which will be very welcome Best regards, Cristian Cunha P.S: sorry about my english or grammar mistakes. www.cristiancunha.com.br
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