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    Organic, nature-inspired art and 3D design.

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    <p>I'm a photographer and digital artist who's based in the San Francisco Bay Area.<br>  </p> <p><a href="http://shalomormsby.com/">http://shalomormsby.com/</a></p>
  1. Thanks for the awesome tip. Added to http://pinterest.com/shalomo/3d-tutorials-cinema-4d/
  2. I created this collection of free tutorials from various artists that are helping me learn C4D, and I thought to share them with everyone, in case they're helpful for you as well. Here's a link to the collection: http://pinterest.com/shalomo/3d-tutorials-cinema-4d/ If you've made some tutorials that you'd like to be added to the collection, reply with a link. And if you've made any of these tutorials that are in this collection, I offer my heartfelt thanks. I hope you enjoy the added exposure for your work that this collection provides.
  3. Constantly learning and experimenting...

  4. Constantly learning

  5. I'm perplexed. I'm also trying to create a sphere mostly with hexagons (and the occasion necessary pentagon). I've followed the instructions in the screencast, numerous times, but each time the "Melt" function gives me an ugly result that looks nothing like the result in the screencast. Has anyone else encountered this?
  6. is new to the scene here...

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