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  1. Thanks for the quick response. yeah I have a soccer ball that I modeled using this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8khyMsaXLI4 Now I'm wondering how I can animate the sections of the soccer ball so that it explodes out like this: http://bit.ly/15jR1uN I've tried using the Explode deformer but it explodes every polygon and I can't seem to limit it to just the (for lack of a better word to describe the black pentagons and white hexahedrons) "sections". If I could use something with a falloff that would be even better. I've tried the random effector but it moves the sections in the worlds Y direction not the Y direction of each section, as if each section is exploding outward. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  2. Hi all! I'm trying to figure out how to explode the pieces of a soccer ball using C4D but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Here is an example of the look: http://www.ea.com/soccer/fifa/ps3 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. Amazing. Thank you David!
  4. Thanks tezuka. So both of these methods require moving the light back behind the par can and essentially blacking out the first bit of light. Say i wanted to create a light show and I wanted to animate the outer angle over time. The way it stands the actual origin of light, where the axis bands are, is set way behind the lens, increasing the outer angle quickly increases the diameter beyond the lens size. Where as if there was a way to set the origin of light at the same position as the lens, set it's starting diameter to, say 100cm, the the outer angle would spread out from the 100cm diameter origin, or whatever value you set this to. Is this possible?
  5. Thanks Fred, that's exactly what i need
  6. Hey Base80, what is the IES thing?
  7. Is there a way to control the starting diameter of a spotlight? I've made a simple par can and attached a spot light to it and I want the start of the spot light's volumetric light to be the same diameter as the lens of the par can.
  8. There is a great script by AEScripts that allows you to reposition the anchor point of the selected layers around the layer edges while keeping the layers at the same position in the comp window. It's a great time saver: http://aescripts.com/repositionanchorpoint/
  9. That's it! Thanks so much Vozzz
  10. I just upgraded to C4D R12 and when working in the time line I accidentally clicked a little to the left of a keyframe and it brought up this bounding box. Now it won't go away. I'm sure it's a simple solution but I've never seen this bounding box before. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get rid of it or what it is and what it's used for? Thanks.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me understand how to create the effect of something folding or unfolding in Cinema 4D. Similar to the second ident in this video: Cheers!
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