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    Yeah, my previous post may have come off a little strong. Again I really can’t say too much because I just haven’t done my homework on this. So as for the whole wiki leaks putting lives in danger thing, I really didn’t know if anything of that nature had actually been published, I just assumed it had. I’d have to agree with you all that western media is a joke and not surprisingly where I heard the rumor that jeopardizing info was leaked. I guess it’s just kind of personal for me with family fighting a war they don’t totally agree with. ="="="="="="=" World’s first digitally knitted blanket "="="="="="="= ="="="="="="=" "="="="="="="= ="="="="="="="
  2. I’m a newbie, and just starting to compile a portfolio reel of my work. But a lot of my work has copyrighted production music on it. The clients paid to use the music, but it’s not royalty free. Can I use these motion clips in my reel? Obviously if the client wanted to use the clips again they would have to pay the music production companies, but do motion designer’s sort-of get a pass if the music is part of some work in a portfolio? Does anyone even enforce this stuff?
  3. I'd really like to thank you all for your continued advice! I was taking a shot in the dark posting this here on Mograph, but I’m honestly surprised at the quality and quantity of advice you all have offered. I think I have a solid idea of how I need to approach this upcoming year concerning my career, and wanted to thank you all for the role you've played in helping me make some decisions. Who knows, I might be working with some of you in the coming years. Thanks all, and thanks Mograph for hosting one of the most helpful forums I've ever used - two thumbs up!
  4. Thanks for your input, It really helps. I guess I’m a little nervous about taking the step and committing to this without really knowing where or what I might end up doing. But it sounds like that’s just part of being a motion designer, you’re a designer who specializes in motion but can do any kind of design. I suppose I need to get connected with the local design community and see what work or internships I can find. Thanks again!
  5. Hi all, Future Mo designer here. I’m looking to peruse a career in Motion Design but I’d really like some input from people working as fulltime motion designers. First a little about me, I starting using AutoCAD at the age of 10, and was proficient with Photoshop and Premier by high school. I do some freelance set & lighting design in the Tampa Bay area, and have a good bit experience in the realm of live entertainment production. I’ve been playing with AE for about 2 years and found that I really enjoy creating digital content - So much so that I’m seriously considering it as a career. So my questions are…. Where should I go to get a degree? (I live in Tampa Florida, and would like to stay in state for scholarship reasons. The only local school I’m aware of is Full Sail) Is the university I choose really important? How much can I really expect to make as a motion designer? (considering what my degree will cost) How easy or hard is it to come by work? Is there any hope of doing this in Tampa or even Florida, or do I pretty much have to move to LA? Should I first seek a degree in graphic design? Are there enough jobs to support new motion designers? Does anyone know a local motion designer here in Tampa I could talk with? Hope this isn’t too many questions; I’d appreciate any advice you all have to offer.
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