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  1. naldeau

    To get emotionally involved at the computer is not easy

    fascinating, prescient. wikipedia article about john whitney here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Whitney_(animator)
  2. fix multi-processing ASAP please.
  3. this 13.6.1 doesn't seem to show up in the creative cloud updates of latest versions. the current version there is 13.6. are users supposed to wait for the fix to show on the cloud window or forget that and do the update from the link?
  4. naldeau

    Working in San Fransisco

    there are no good restaurants or bars in san francisco, weather is terrible, jobs practically non-existent, rents stratospheric (at least that part is true). don't listen to the hype. i'd say stay in london.
  5. naldeau

    new camera mapping spot

    great use of the technique, works well for that ad. the bits of spot animation over the projection are a nice touch. really good job.