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  1. Wohouw! Though your definitions were great, I've now found the genre that is spot on what I was looking for!: Micro-house (or minimal house). And by the way, I found this fantastic site, in my search - http://www.knowyourgenre.com
  2. Thanks for the input... These are also good examples - more 'delicate' than the previous, and closer to what i'm looking for... Trentemøller electrojuice - jackstick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-WksGHFs24
  3. In lots of motion reels, people have used some special type of music, which is very synthetic, with crackling sounds etc. I'm wondering what this type of music is called, and if there is anywhere on the internet I can find this kind of music, free for use. I've quickly found some examples of the type of music I'm talking about. (I'm not interrested in knowing the names of the following examples, but more what kind of genre it is.) Here goes... http://vimeo.com/386040 http://vimeo.com/2139854 http://vimeo.com/3010706 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=RIb-8xYmQTg
  4. I'm a graphic designer, but new working with motion graphics. I've played a little around in After Effects and in Cinema 4D. I'm wondering - where does Cinema 4D' use stop, and taken over by After Effects? I mean - what do you create in each program? They both have a particle emitter for instance...
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