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  1. thanks a lot for the help file Björn:) Would you have some others on the various nodes in TP? I have to admit that the newbie that i am is still not sure about what node has what connectors that should be used. For example how to have a particle jump from one group to another based on it's age. Where could i find some tutorials about that? Also do you know of any books out there for TP?
  2. thanks bjorn I have never actually used TP before. Would you be able to get me started in the right direction please? I know how to set up the emitter and get some particles going. Would i use a PBorn emitter? what nodes would i use to get the particles set up and filling up a mesh?
  3. Thanks There are some really nice tutorials there but nothing really on how to move particles into the volume of a shape really. Would you know any other links by any chance?
  4. Yeah i don't get that either. Is there some sort of feud going on?
  5. Whoah! Expresso! Sounds like that would do what i'm trying to achieve. I've read what's in the documentation but i could only find PDraw. Is that what you meant? I got the PDraw bit. Now that i have my particles, how would i do the second bit? Would you mind telling me more?
  6. Tried them out but i'm more looking for particles taking the shape of a spline rather than being emitted from a spline.
  7. I'm not quite sure how to use the matrix object. Would you be able to explain? Would i be able to make it still look cloud-like? I've got my particles emitting and all but i'm not sure how to use the matrix object to fit the emitted particles onto a spline. I've set the mode to object and set a spline as the object but emitted particles just fly through it.<br>
  8. Yep, that's trapcode form alright. have a look there and you should see a preset that does the same thing
  9. From what i have read elsewhere, there is no easy way to import a fully textured max scene ( which is a proprietary format for 3d Studio ), into C4D. I've seen some plugins in the exchange folder in my C4D installation. there are plugins there for various versions of max 9 - 2008, max 2009 and max 2010. Give it a try. I'm not sure whether you use them to export files or import. Haven't been able to get them to work.
  10. Hi guys, I was recently watching a tutorial on GSG where clones were generated via a cloner object and then made to fly into a shape defined by a spline. I was wondering if you could emit particles, more like a cloud really, and then make them take the shape of a spline. Would anyone be able to guide me on how to achieve that? I'm a C4D 11.5 user.
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