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  1. Ah ha! Yes, that would make a lot of sense. Yeah, our forums are not powered by wordpress. So if you find your self at a wordpress login prompt, your forum user info will not work there. In the forums we have posted log info for beta users to use in order to see the blog.
  2. Hey guys, yeah we do seem to be having some weird log in issues this week. Just not sure why it's only happening to some people and not others. Out of curiosity, what method did you guys use to log in to the forums? Did you create an account or did you use Twitter/Facebook/OpenID/etc to sign in? Wondering if that had anything to do with it. While we get this sorted out, you can either post here with your user name, or message me through twitter @odd_enough. I will send you an email with a password reset, which seems to be working for most people. Aren't betas great? But yes, we do intend to launch sometime soon and we're getting rather antsy about it. We have a bit more content to put up and things to work out, but it's getting close! Glad to see people looking forward to it.
  3. All I know is that Orientation is far more annoying to try to manipulate than Rotation.
  4. Well, I meant for being able to output x264 from AE. Will try handbrake though, thanks.
  5. I refuse to output to quicktime H264 unless the client specifically requests it (which they usually do, unfortunately). I have tried 3 different supposed 'fixes' for the QT gamma shift on the PC platform. None of them work. I've found that the mp4 container is your best bet when working with H264. I've read that using the x264 codec works with QT with no gamma shift on the mac, but I haven't found an easy way to do the same for the PC.
  6. Finally got around to testing this out. Love it! Saves me loads of time wrestling with the camera settings manually. Thanks a ton!
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