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  1. Right.... that might not be too far off the mark. It's like someone telling you they're going to do you a huge favour for no reason and then not doing it. It's seems weird to get mad at them for it, but at the same time, it a pretty lousy thing to do to get your hopes up for nothing. The least they could do is add a post saying "forget it - we're not doing it".
  2. Thanks for the link! However, those rates are from California and are definitely skewed toward the high end with LA being the "culprit". Being from Toronto, I was hoping for a broader cross section to get a more realistic idea of what the going rates are. It's still good information though. Thanks again.
  3. Seriously, does anyone have any idea what happened to this? I found out about it afterwards, so I'm not sure if I was on their mailing list. There's one other thread on here about it, but the last post was in September and it was "?". Anyone?
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