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  1. I'm still deciding between iMac or PC, hoped this thread would have gotten me further on what to take. It is a hard decision, specially when you can work easily on both operating systems. They both really have their benefits. Also compatability between the 2 is getting better like harddrives able to operate on both and a lot of people are ditching fcpx, making it easier to switch to PC aswel. Also I noticed here and there that proress has the same story an people are switching towards other codecs. Its really a matter of taste these days, sadly I can still not decide what I want after a month .
  2. I presume the client also pays for the 50h that you work on it, right? If you don't, aren't you shooting yourself in the foot? Ofcourse I work a couple more hours myself just to make that project better and the client happier, but that is my own choice and I'm still growing as I'm pretty new compared to the rest. But would you really don't want to get paid that 10 extra hours?
  3. I smell succes - really enjoying it all.
  4. I'm actually catching up atm, since this could work for me too. TIP: Try to interact more with the user. Give first the challenge, so that other people can do it and then post results instead of doing it all in one.
  5. I really loving what you are pulling off there! Keep up the good job, I even left a comment on the part of shapes you were doing. Keep it up!
  6. I started freelancing myself recently and I already made the mistake of undercharging. It kills (financially & creative) you when you realize when you can ask more. Not going to make that mistake again. I've also realized that some people charge themselves even less then a plumber each hour (and that is without the equipment and the rest that the plumber needs). So if you are below that price, you need to consider getting your prices up. If you are above, good for you. (All respect to plumbers tho) About the working extra hours: Every Motion Designer knows that you spend sometimes more time on something then you expected, completely normal. It is up to you if you charge it or not. If I would work 8 hours and eventually I have to work 9, then so be it. I love the job so I don't mind, but it shouldn't get a habit either. Working beyond 9 hours is a no go because that is simply something I can't keep up and it will decrease my quality drastic. Client needs it fast/in a hury or it is giving to much work? Then let them pay more so you can justify working 12h or you can hire a buddy to help you out. Also This:
  7. I second this. Recently started with it and you get a good bang for your buck.
  8. While the far west is heading off towards SIGGRAPH, we in Europe we will have IBC in Amsterdam/Netherlands. So, who is going? What was your last time Experience? Mograph.net booth/meetup?
  9. http://www.squeezeme.tv/ and scroll to bottem
  10. Pretty much this. I studied everything on my own too and I can give you one tip: Focus on story telling. A video without a story isn't a good video, you want to communicate something with videos, so make sure your message gets across, even if it is a simple one or just a feeling. I missed that important factor and I'm trying to catch up with that now. Keep on going and we will see you in a couple of years as a great artist.
  11. Regarding the GSG Light Kit I have it myself and it is a great toolkit, however area shadows are a PAIN when it comes to render times. Turn it off. In some cases I even had the case where a simple HDRI with GI was rendering faster then 3 lights from the lightkit. Blurry Reflections - Alternative solution. If you want to use blurry reflections, then export it as a pass (+ object buffer) and blur it within AE itself. This is simply better because you can tweak the the blur whenever you want + it reduces your render times. Also I see (I think it is) that you are useing sub-polygon displacement. Those increase rendertimes like crazy aswel. To bad I have little experience with that and can't really comment on that.
  12. Dani-Sang

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    I like the new layout.
  13. Some really nice other website. Defiantly going to save them for later use.
  14. haha, yeah, you right, I sounded there like a salesman. But it is my honest opinion
  15. Tbh, the price is very low for what you get. The amount I learned at FXPHD is more then any normal school can offer me in my country. Also the courses you paid for, you can always recall them and redownload them even after a year or so. I still have that option of 3 terms ago. I just started for the 3th time a term at FXPHD and it is totally worth and you can find something for every proffesion. I've even seen that they are offering now a RED EPIC course. Try to find that anywhere else with the conviniance of being at home & at low price. If you want to get ahead of the industry, you have to lay down some money. And paying money for education is in my opinion never wasted.
  16. Simple things + GI = doesn't take long to render.
  17. I simply cannot understand the marketing behind this. If I just compare this to a situation where you would buy a car then the car company would tell you: "Buy this amazing and newly toughed out 5 wheeled Car, but it is not finished yet! You can get the airbag, mp3-player and all other luxury after 6/12 months when we are finished developing them" Nobody would do this and I don't see the point in buying FCPX when it is actually ready, and even then, I would doubt to buy it. Somehow this whole marketing idea also reminds me of the credit crisis a bit: lots of talks, lots of promises but delivering eventually noting.
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    I love your drawing pieces,
  19. Simply what Binky says, noting more to add. (Or I might be accused of stealing somebody else's idea if I just repeat his words in a other way) ooooooH, And before I forget to quote one of the greatest artist: "Bad artists copy. Good artists steal" - Pablo Picasso
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