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  1. I'm surprised no one has mention Cargo Collective. I'm not sure if Cargo will provide everything you need with a blog and what not but it's easy as hell to edit and they already have some awesome templates.
  2. And by the way I just said that using Cloth was a bad idea but since you have a lot of control doing it in the scene file I provided you can make it work without a lot of headache. And that's my way of controlling it correctly.
  3. Yelp it's pretty simple as anothername stated, just a plane old spline wrap would do the trick. Cloth is just a bad idea from the start cause you'll have too much of a bad time trying to get it controlled correctly unless if you do a couple of work arounds. I quickly put together this scene with the spline wrap technique, there is a surface deformer in the "Cloth" object which is referencing the not visible "Cloth Ref" object which essentially makes the visible "Cloth" object copy all the movement the of the "Cloth Ref" object. Since the "Cloth Ref" object has a dynamics tag on it with the top vertexes pinned you can get it to emulate some windy movements to pass onto the "Cloth" object without having to deal with it getting all messy with the spline wrap movement. Probably didn't explain that the best but just check out the file and see what's going on in there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5j5iimk0oedj9bt/Ribbon%20Banner%2001.c4d
  4. Hey yall! Got myself a new reel up. Still has '12 on it, cause I started editing it before the new years and it was private for a bit. Anyways. CHECK IT OUT! Feel free to bash on it! Definitely not enough Cinema 4D work... not...
  5. Definitely got a little too excited when I saw that paper fold. I think that is the only time I'll ever say (type) that sentence.
  6. I ended up switching the whole project to 24 fps, wasn't too much of a hassel to fix it, but I'll definitely do the time stretch if I encounter the same problem. Thanks for the response renzo!
  7. So I've been having this problem for quite some time now. I've had my work arounds to fix it but this time around it has been such a pain to have to fix for the amount of shots I'm working on for this project. When I save out a 3D data project out of Cinema 4D to After Effects at 24 fps, or even 23.976 fps, and import it to After Effects to be brought into a 23.976 composition, the keyframes don't seem to lay 100% onto an actual frame slot in the After Effects timeline which results into the 3D objects jittering around. It works fine when I import a 3D data project from Cinema 4D that is a 24 fps into a 24 fps composition into After Effects. I would work in a 24 fps composition but I've already set up so many shots that are already in 23.976 fps. The tedious work around that I have been doing is snapping the keyframes to an actual frame, which works but is a real waste of time. I'm sure other people have ran into this problem. Can anyone help me out?
  8. Wow, if this is actually from After Effects or not I'm still interested. Paranormal incidents scare the living crap out of me, almost literally, but so interested in it at the same time. If you get anymore information on this theta I'm interested. This also reminded me to change my co-worker's picture snap SFX and render chime on his station, he's out for the day, so this is perfect timing.
  9. That always gets me, unused ports. I'll be scrabbling around trying to figure out the problem and thirty minutes later I'll find out it's a simple unused port.
  10. He did indeed. It's funny that "Hollywood" rejected him when he pursued a career in screenplay writing and now he is successfully writing for video game and doing it so well that he is pushing the envelope. The end of the game left a sting just like Inception did. Yeah there is a lot to say about the game play, a couple new game mechanics introduced, but nothing over the top innovated. Like you said Spence, it's hard to hit that middle ground between too much crazy game play and actually telling a good narrative or even game play that works with enabling the narrative and I think that's where Elizabeth stepped in with doing that intelligently. It's not a revolutionary idea having an AI character follow you around but I think the way Ken and the Irrational team went about integrating her in the story was well done. There are many things that can go horribly wrong with having an AI follow on your adventure and I think they did a fantastic job on making Elizabeth not feel robotic or too intrusive threw out the adventure. By the end of the game I was invested in Elizabeth and those moments where she was separated from me, or the main character, I was in a panic to get her back. I've never heard of System Shock until watching that BAFTA interview with Ken. I wouldn't be able to play it, my mind wouldn't be able to get over the quality of the graphics, haha.
  11. So I finished the game over the weekend and all I have to say is that it is definitely a game that is a must play. It is all I wanted it to be and even more. If I could I would get down on two knees and bow down to Ken Levine. My mind is still blown right now trying to put the pieces into place that were ever so cleverly put in threw out the game to make this epic story that came crashing down ever so hard on to my brain at the very end. This is without a doubt a game that will be pushing video games as a stronger media to tell stories.
  12. Pretty much my same thought. Some people talk to you, some people don't, and some people have pretty decent conversations that add to the backbone of Columbia to future engross you into the world.
  13. Hahaha, well that makes me feel a bit better. Damn, that's awesome that you know someone from Irrational. Must be awesome being part of such a stellar team of very creative and technical people. Although I have to admit I got a bit interested in all the "talk" about people working with Ken Levine. Apparently there have been some workers that have left the company due to Ken being "hard" to work with. He talks about in the BAFTA presentation for a bit, but I'm sure as he mentioned, it's just people not being able to deal with crunch time. What does your old classmate do over at Irrational, if you don't mind me asking? Amen to Valve needing to make Half-Life 3! But they are Valve and I give them all the more reason to take there sweet time developing so it would be all the more epic when it does finally come out. Portal 2 was amazing, I love it probably more then Half-Life. I got it for the Xbox.
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