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  1. Sorry.. accidental double post.. see other post! http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=28495
  2. Would appreciate feedback or thoughts on my new reel if you have a spare minute.. be harsh! Cheers, J
  3. That can be annoying alright, workaround is to do the adjustments in the meteor comp, which can be annoying if you want lots of different looks.. Just a thought and not at AE to try it at the moment but could you make an adjustment layer and then use 'set matte' or something like that to only affect the area where that layer is?
  4. or Skydome : http://aescripts.com/skydome
  5. JamesDohertyEsq

    Reel 2012

    Really nice, especially the character stuff!
  6. It looks really good, but am I just being very cynical when I think: David Fincher is a world famous director worth at least tens of millions of dollars, if they really can't get studios to back it and he REALLY wants it to get made then I think asking fans to back the project is a little tight-fisted (pledge $10,000 dollars and get LUNCH.. p.s. pay for your own travel) Especially when the stated goal is not to make it available online, but to get Hollywood to buy into it.. Presumably if it gets to that stage and is released profit will not exactly be given back to Kickstarters. Strikes me as a cynical way of making a film without taking any risk, but reaping the benefits should it be successful..
  7. Aside from what the guys above have said if I was going to hire somebody I would not really be happy to do that without having met them in person. It's entirely different to speak to somebody via skype as it is to shake their hand and talk to them properly.. Much harder to get a feel of what somebody would be like to work with. I think your reel is a lot stronger than what I had straight out of university (though hamax1's pointers are worth taking into account) but again, I had to move countries and work for free before I got a decent job. Best decision I ever made, every scenario is different but when I think back to 3 months where I sat at home trying to get a job before I moved.. well, it was ridiculous. Very glad I moved to where the work was (London, which I love) If you do need to save before moving then it's a perfect time to do a few personal projects to add to your reel.. GSG 5 second projects, or 99 frames, or Animade's fullsecs project are perfect because you can do them in a day or two, it's not some monumental task that will never get finished. I've been working professionally for nearly 3 years and I still think they are useful to do something for your reel that is unlike what you normally do (example: http://ow.ly/e56Ec ) I can understand why you're discouraged but your reel is good enough for you to be hired as a junior in my opinion, possibly your location is screwing you up. That or you are not coming across as somebody who is easy to work with and useful to have around. ( You seem like a nice guy to me but maybe you're an asshole? ) Patience is a virtue but it's also very easy. Putting faith in yourself and taking a risk is harder, but in my experience more rewarding.. p.s. Judge Judy is scary at the best of times, giant Judge Judy is intense!
  8. Here are two pretty stylised examples: <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/39814479" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/21110707" width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>
  9. I still find that scale data of xrefs even if I Save Project With Assets are messed up.. Do you have a solution for this? Other than expresso value scaling, which I'm certain would work but seems like a long way around
  10. Wow.. this is going to revolutionise motion graphics
  11. I feel like this at times too.. Although more on the technical side of things that's what this post is about I guess: http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=27703 I was lucky enough to have my first client that really/truly understood that it takes time to get good results recently.. They expected iterations after iterations and were totally cool if I spent most of a day just thinking/researching/sketching(badly) even with nothing physical to show for it.. that was a breath of fresh air and the work was just drastically better after thinking about it. For me the difference between art and design is that for every decision (colour/font/timing/positioning) in good design there should be a reason.. wether that is because of grids, typographic rules or the golden section etc etc.. Whereas I think Art is more about doing things that just feel right. No doubt they both cross over in every occasion to some extent but I think for me, the times when I have designed things that I'm unhappy with, it's from not thinking about it over time. Sometimes that's because there isn't time to do so with a deadline, and then I think it's my responsibility to try and think things through more quickly or maybe start working on the basic aspects of the project like collecting footage or keying WHILE thinking about where you're going to go creatively.. It can be hard to sit back from the computer when you have a really tight deadline, but actually things like setting type are really really quick to do if you know exactly what you intend to do. If you're just trying different fonts and sizes as you actually do it you'll probably spend more time fiddling about and downloading and installing fonts that you don't use.. for example. Overall though if you don't enjoy the technical side of things then maybe try to aim not to do it.. There are tons of people out there who love the technical side of things but aren't great a making or telling a story, might not be easy to find them but it would be a great way to start out working more like a director and would benefit both of you. Better than you continuing to do something you don't enjoy and therefore will probably never excel at?
  12. Yeah Plenty actually got in touch to say that it was done with VRay and Maya anyway.. still though.. the compositing is great. Very true Dan, it's hard being a one man band at times!
  13. Yeah I suspect you're right there Simon.. Unfortunately, as that sounds very time consuming! Will be worth it though I guess. I think one advantage/disadvatage that Nuke people might have is that it seems that they are FORCED to think about how mattes and passes and composites work.. whereas in after effects it's easy to sort of mess around with blending modes, find something that works and stick to it.. without fully understanding the difference between add or screen etc.. So AE is more intuitive with layers rather than nodes but that intuitiveness can mask the need to understand exactly what's going on behind the scenes Am going to do some exercises in this sort of stuff... maybe making some basic 3d models and trying to see how far I can take them in AE without fancy textures/shaders in c4d. Might have a look at fxPHD or something too for training thats maybe a little software agnostic rather than Nuke based
  14. Here we go: https://vimeo.com/46504642 Fox Crime IDs by Plenty So when I look at individual passes I see what they're doing but if I had personally rendered out that 3D I would never be able to take it so far at the compositing/grading stage.. I would very much like to be able to
  15. Ah cool, thanks.. It's taking a piss a little bit with how long my opener is but it's a great track and I'm piggybacking off it's glory The record label were cool enough to give me permission to use the track in a magazine dvd too, despite me not asking to use it in the first place That Loom piece is pretty incredible, Germany seem to have more than their fair share of nice work being produced at the moment. Will check out mographwiki but looking at that page it hasn't been updated in 5 years, probably still some useful stuff but I'd imagine a lot of omissions and dead links at this stage
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