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    I have worked in advertising & design for over 20 years. A dedicated Mac user with a passion for learning new software and moving with the times <img src='http://mograph.net/board/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
  1. Hi all All your information was really helpful, and gave me ideas for other things. I ended up doing it with 2 bends, it gave me the effect I needed and was simple to control and apply to bigger pages. Cheers
  2. Hi all, thanks for all the options you've given me to try, will give them all a go, I'm sure I'll learn a lot from them all (and pull a few hairs out!) will let you know how I get on
  3. Hi, thanks for your quick answer, I understand what you're saying, and will give it a go on Monday, if you have a better idea of the way to do it, then I'm all ears (as long as it's not too complicated), I really am finding my feet at the min and don't mind trying out different options. Thanks again, big help to me
  4. Hi all, I am relatively new to C4D and am trying to create 4 corners of paper folding outwards from center, I can achieve this using a bend, but I need it to be more realistic (ie. the paper bending rather than stiff), so I tried using a cloth tag, this works great on one polygon, but I can't seem to apply 'fix points' to a different polygons, they pick up the cloth tag from the first. Has any one got any ideas how to get round this? any help much appreciated thanks
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