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  1. hi, i'd like to share with you my experiment using after effects and cinema 4d. hope you like it! thanks! Motion experiment based in Leica┬┤s M-series - amazing - cameras. Art Direction and Motion Graphics: Renato Rena soundtrack: Kraftwerk - Autobahn att, Renato Rena http://www.facebook.com/renatorenaMotionIllustration
  2. hi, i finished a new work for a fashion brazilian brand C&A. comments allowed! =) this one is a promo ad http://www.renatorena.com.br/wp/?p=686 and this one is attached on the facebook app. http://www.renatorena.com.br/wp/?p=627 att, renato|rena
  3. hi, one finished little job made for a client use in his video. http://www.vimeo.com/21301285 cheers, renato.
  4. hi! thanks for the comment! can be really a good way to solve it and make it more rich and beautiful. thanks!
  5. one more at my motion lab...
  6. one of my motion labs open head:
  7. hi, one more finished work. i made this intro to the brazilian site of the book. att, renato.
  8. all in this video is based in studies using c4d (a really newbie)... comments are welcome! renato.
  9. hi, a finished job to phillips satinelle, a product for women. comments are welcome, renato.
  10. hi, a finished work for ogilvy one - anhanguera. i hope you enjoy. comments are welcome. cheers, renato.
  11. hi, finished work for sao paulo subway digital signage. comments are welcome! cheers, renato.
  12. finished work: motorola display, i hope you enjoy! comments are welcome! cheers, renato.
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