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  1. That's always the plan. Push the client and myself.
  2. thanks (pos) feedback. Been using AE since 5.5, not to its 3D capacity though.
  3. Wasn't looking for inspiration. The client sent me the video as an example for his commercial spot.
  4. Do you think this photo flipping animation was created entirely in AE? Need to know if it's possible to achieve same in AE without going to a 3D program. Thanks.
  5. Thanks to everyone that replied. I offered the client something relative to their budget, their reply..."that might work, we'll be in touch."
  6. Good point, I should have taken my time. Can't say with certainty, the VO probably came from one of those sites, "Pick the voice, upload the script".
  7. I know "how much to charge" is a hot topic. Take a look at this local TV spot I created using AE and tell me how much you would charge. My only guidance: "Here's the voice-over and go to the client's web site to download whatever you need to make a commercial." It took me 4 hours to complete: browsing the site for clean images and PDFs to create alpha channel PSDs, rendering, etc.
  8. The pros/cons of taking on a job for a fraction of quote to build show reel? Let me hear it!
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