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  1. Is there a property within particular that would allow me to offset the axis/position of the emitter on a specific Particular layer to allow for multiple emitters? I want to do this as simply as possible rather than say, having to create 5 different light emitters(1 for each layer). Here is a PERFECT example. Thanks! http://1.s3.envato.com/h264-video-previews/163879.mp4
  2. Figured it out. The Render settings were set to 50% Level of Quality.
  3. The scenario In editor the plain effector works great. I have some bushes in a cloner that are in 2 rows. I have them scale up once the plain effector moves past them. I have a random effector to randomize their size slightly and a delay effector to add a slight spring when they pop up. The problem As soon as I render, the cloner no longer keeps its rows nor the proper count. It gives me a line down the middle of the 2 rows and spaces them out more than the setting parameters. My solution I've taken this piece out of my main project into its own file and rendered it with no issues at all. So that tells me something else is causing this. I do have other plain effectors effectors on other cloners and objects and for the most part things are fine. There are a few other issues but this one is leaving me scratching my head.
  4. Is there a way to give an object parameters that say it can only Pan Rotate Left 180 degrees and Right 45 degrees and not allow it to Tilt. So the object is only allowed to Pan certain degrees and not allowed to Tilt. Can this be done in Expresso? Are their any good tutorials out there?
  5. I used to max around 1920 x 1080 and would make it into a comp and duplicate it or Motion Tile. Usually Particular can be fairly fidgety with anything bigger, where it wont even display. I didn't read into this thread too far but there might be some decent advice here. http://www.toolfarm.com/phorumNew5/read.php?15,12988
  6. Whats the easiest way to make a flat surface into a half cylinder surface. Beveling the edges half way gets me there. If there was a way to select a face to become circular? I want to avoid hyperNURBS if possible. TO THIS
  7. I think the main disconnect for me has been terminology. You said Point Index which I had ZERO idea what that was until I started searching more. I'm piecing he puzzle together with our project and this video. I'll keep updating as I go. Thanks
  8. Mylenium, I tried playing with that, but even that is a little too advanced for me. It seems you are light years ahead of me. I have splines already and I am having trouble understanding how the template splines work since i have none. So then that confuses me with what to enter in the MoSpline. Also I dont have a clue what to change in the eXpresso as I am such a newb. Again, Thanks for all your tips.
  9. thanks for the response. I'm not too familiar with the right ways. I'm no expert by any means. would you have knowledge of a good tutorial that could set me on the right course? thanks for your help
  10. I could also put nulls on the corners of the outline as well as in their original position. then connect them with a spring or something. Or I could do it some how in AE with the nulls. I just not sure which is the easiest best route.
  11. I have a building. The roof of the building will outline then fill in. Once this happens the roofs outline and fill will raise. I need dashed lines in the corners which has proven quite difficult. However I managed to do this by using an object cloner to the Tracer which is tracing the corners of my spline which is the outline of the roof top. This is where is gets kind of tricky. I have the outline position moving on the Y Axis above the building as if the blueprint is floating directly overhead. Once that happens I scale the outline/fill out 20%. This is where the tracer messes up. Instead of creating a tether type effect to keep the smallest point between the 2 points it creates an L shape. So from where the outline starts to the position Y spot is a straight 90 degree upward trace, then when it scales outward it goes out, but not diagonal. Instead in an L. How can I avoid this. Is there another method out there? Any help would be great, This is how i need to have it done.
  12. also regarding this arch. I'm replicating one that has waves in it. So using a bezier is best to create the curves. But my wonder is if there is a more accurate way to make these curves all the same curve length. My bezier skills arent the best. Maybe making this in a square form first then adding the curves later? I have never had luck selecting a bezier point once its been already layed down. Meaning I have never been able to re-correct the curve itself once i've clicked it down.
  13. Here is my file. http://we.tl/F8r8Qphu0B The arch was created from a rectangle then adding rounded corners. Is there a better method to this?
  14. Why am I unable to create an arch. The left side is perfect. But when it reaches the top it loses dimension. Then on the right its backwards.
  15. Yep Oil Tank is exactly what I needed. Sometimes the easiest way is right in front of us. Cheers!!!!!
  16. J that seems to make sense
  17. How can I add an outer curve to this spline that has been put into an extrude nurb. I need it to have a pill sort of shape just in this area thats been marked. Thanks!
  18. I'm creating a table and was unsure how to remove the inside splines from the 2 circles and square. Need some help Thanks!
  19. Relax man. I meant nothing by it. Let me back what I said. I am a very visual person. You could spell it all out in a lengthy document and I might still not get it. Unfortunately its just how my brain works and I can assume a lot of media people are similar.
  20. Ok i finally got a friend to send me a file. I wanted to pose a question. I now am able to put the AE file into Premiere. However when i do this I am unable to see the cuts. I was hopeful that no matter if i did edits in AE or Premiere I could see the cuts in both. Does anyone know any work arounds?
  21. I know this is odd but could anyone help me convert down a cs6 file or cs5.5 down to cs5? Basically I can convert down to 5.5 only. So if someone has 5.5 they could convert down to cs5.
  22. interesting! I found that adjusting the spline was how to move the shaders amongst the letters. Is that how you would do it as well?
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