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  1. That's what I've figured will need to happen from now on: I'll need to have some sort of an emergency fund. But thanks so much for the advice man. I'm a fan!
  2. Thanks for the replies. They said they'll be cutting me a check today and it should arrive soon. I would have been more patient had I known up front that when they said 3 weeks they really meant 6 weeks. Lesson learned, never count on a check getting in at a specific time. I just hope I didn't come off as annoying to them... they were cool to work with, but I needz mah monies too. =)
  3. I should tell them that? Have you ever been in this situation? It's really frustrating especially when I have bills and stuff.
  4. I wrapped up some freelance work 6 weeks ago for a client. They were great to work with, super friendly, etc. After I finished my work, I sent an invoice, and the producer told me it would be 3 weeks. 3 weeks passed, no check. So I emailed her again, and she told me she'd check with accounting. After 3 days she gets back to me, and tells me that it will be another 2 weeks and that she's sorry for the delay (without telling me why). After 2 weeks, I ask her to confirm that it will definitely be sent out soon. She says she'll check and never gets back to me. I finally try calling the owner of the studio (who I spoke with frequently during the project) to see what the deal was. He told me they haven't been paid yet by the client, and that I would be paid as soon as they were paid, which could be another 2 weeks (or more), and that the client has a net 45. Basically, I'm pretty frustrated right now. I'm usually paid in a timely matter (2-3 weeks max) and these guys are making me wait a month and a half so far. What should I do? Keep waiting? I really need to be paid. I'm a young dude, only 22, and I'm kind of poor at the moment because I'm not doing this stuff full time yet (I don't have enough connections and clients for continuous work), and I have another yr left in school. Ideas? Should I just keep waiting? Or do I need to start putting the pressure on? I think if I do work for somebody, they need to pay for it. If they haven't been paid yet, that's not my problem. It seems unethical to hire people without explaining to them that they may have to wait 45 days for payment because that's when they'll be paid by their client.
  5. Finished some roto work a few days ago with a design/vfx firm (that will remain unnamed). I billed them 1500 (they agreed on a 500/day rate), but have not heard from them since I billed them. Last I heard from them was when they confirmed they received the files. Now, they came to me as they were behind on a project and needed the work done immediately. So, maybe they're busy? I'm new to freelancing in this industry and I'm used to receiving payment very soon after finishing my work. They've done work for some pretty high profile clients, and likely have lots of freelancers they work with, so I'm not worried (yet) about not being paid, just wondering how long it typically takes in this industry. Thanks!
  6. Sorry for the late response. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it.
  7. I don't use 3D as extensively as you do, but from what I can tell, solid work. However, the reel's momentum doesn't seem to fit the song very well. Don't be afraid to do some time remapping to speed up/slow down parts of your work to make it match the music. What song is that? I dig it
  8. Yeah so if you guys want to tell me what you think that would be awesome.
  9. Hi I'm a 22 year old graphic design student (going to be graduating with my BFA next May). I want to work in motion design primarily.. I feel like it's a good niche within the whole spectrum of graphic design. Mainly motion design though. I've been using After Effects since I was 16. My main goal with this particular reel is to land an internship for this summer. I've already sent this and my resume to 7 firms looking for interns. And please, rip into it. I'm used to it, I do take GD classes after all where we have crits on a regular basis.
  10. Yeah, I am. How did you know? Haha. I hope the length of the reel and not the quality of the work tipped you off. So overall you think there's not enough camera animation? Any other thoughts? How is the design itself? Thanks for the feedback. I've seen your work before in GSG's reel critique. Impressive
  11. Working on a project where I make an object (like a person) appear out of simplified blocks that become more and more refined. Similar to a reversed version of the famed Pixels video. When I map the person's image onto my voxel model, I want the blocks to only accept a single color per block, so that as the model gets less "pixelated" the colors start to come together as well. I'd rather not blur out the camera map as this is a crummy and lazy way that doesn't achieve the same nice aesthetic... I hope that made sense... any help would be appreciated immensely Pixels video:
  12. Yeah maybe I should wait until I have a first draft of the reel... I have a lot of work but most of it is not up to par with what I'd want to show off.. Thanks for the feedback
  13. Thoughts? http://vimeo.com/20190757 Working on small little 3 second projects to fill it up
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