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  1. devnull

    First Demo Reel

    I see a lot of re-hashed tutorials in the reel. Get rid of them, apply learned methods/techniques and re-do them so they don't appear to be like the other 30,000 people who have done them.
  2. Pass by Granada if you can. See the Alhambra and eat lots of TAPAS.. this is the capital. If you do pass by let me know I can show ya around. -Philip
  3. If you are doing a dynamic simulation.. you can create an invisible colider, have you destruction dynamics, bake it and then add in your floor with it's texture.. that will give you the effect that the area that was fragmented to bits is part of the larger scene.
  4. Not only is there python, but a multitude of other courses and languages... very helpful share. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses Thanks,
  5. devnull


    Start playing around with some soft body and cloth tags.. that'd be a good place to start.
  6. Go for the double monitors. The initial sock of having a space between the screen lasts about an... hour.
  7. Thanks Lennart, these are top notch plugins this is very kind of you.
  8. I thought it might be ad-based revenue for the site.. it is annoying but maybe it is a way the admins pay to run this puppy? -curious.
  9. The music is great, ha, comes from the old animated 'The Hobbit.' Used to watch that years ago on TV... now I snag a glimpse every so often on the old computer. Reel is quite nice, good timing and selection of prior works. As florio said, the intro was a tad long but the rest makes up for the wait. - devnull
  10. devnull

    C4D Quick Tips

    These are neat, thanks a ton Yader.
  11. You answered 16 out of 20 questions correctly. I'll remember to keep my eye out for that funky R...
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