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  1. Any leads on where you guys find great... - Soundbits (Like Audio Jungle) - Music (Creative Commons, and preferably cheap) Thanks for any help.
  2. I think doing a post on GSG about music would be awesome.
  3. Thanks Steelparadox. I dont know of any around, I was thinking of starting up one. It would be awesome to meet a whole bunch of people around here.
  4. So, are there any MoGraphers in Orlando, Fl? I feel like theres very few, but I know thats not the case. Give me a shout! www.folkloredesign.com
  5. This here is a video I've been working on for a few weeks, and its the first video that took as long as it did in after effects, with a lot of preparation and thrashing. Im pretty pleased with the outcome, and I would loved to have added a few things looking back on it, but rendering on a macbook is killer, so I'll take what I can get. This is my first commercial video I've done, and I need to have more commercial work if I want to, one day, get more commercial work, so a big thanks to the Slice Creative Network for letting me do this for them. You can visit their website here:www.slicecreativenetwork.com Please give me some feedback! Its much appreciated! Thanks
  6. Haha. Its my first ever MoGraph post!
  7. Haha I know it! I really dont understand why AE isn't backwards compatible. This is 2011, get it together. Anyways thanks for checking it out!
  8. Hey guys. Im brand spankin new to the forum, and so I thought I start with a free resource. Its a walk cycle, and there seems to be few resources on them online, or I just couldn't find any. You can go over to my blog post here to view it, download it and see further details. Thanks
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