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    Hello All,<br /><br />My name is a Gregory R. Burrus and I'm a motion designer. <br /><br /><br />I like to see everything in motion. Even the most ridiculous things can be made to move in some way, shape, or form. When walking past something, I wonder how would I make that move on the screen. When I see a design I like, I want to get my hand on the files to animate it. I strive to create a sense of movement in everything I make and leave nothing static for any length of time.<br /><br /><br />I have a bunch of social sitse you can find me on but the ones's I'm most active on is:<br />My portfolio [url="http://g2bproductions.com/"]http://g2bproductions.com/[/url]<br />My deviant art [url="http://g2b.deviantart.com/"]http://g2b.deviantart.com/[/url]<br />My Blog [url="http://mogra.g2bproductions.com/"]http://mogra.g2bproductions.com/[/url].<br />My [url="http://vimeo.com/g2b"]vimeo[/url] page [url="http://vimeo.com/g2b"]http://vimeo.com/g2b[/url]
  1. No problem it was probably me. I went a bit overboard.... I can get them later
  2. So I did a few tests 6 or excluding some I took off the ftp and all in all it seemed to work well. I had a issue with the c4d example with the SSHead but I think I didn't have something setup correctly in the render settings. Also I had a scene I tried to render at 2K that that skipped every 14 frames or so even though I didn't have skip frames setup. I rerendered at HD 1080p and it work fine though. If this is still up later tonight when I get home I may render one of my older personal projects at full HD since my home computer usually can't handle it. Thanks for sharing your farm for a bit
  3. Did a quick test with a animation scene from the GSG light kit and it worked great. I'm going to try the same scene with GI net render. Wish I had something really good to render though.
  4. I don't know if there is script like that for C4D though I'm sure one could be made using python or COFFEE. I could even see how you could build something using Xpresso to help automate it. one tip I may be able to help with is when I had to render out a lot of text for a project I used Render Elements to help the process. http://adamswaab.wor...ender-elements/. After I setup the animation & render settings all I had to do was duplicate the animation & change the text then add each one on a separate layer. Then using render elements I was able to batch generate the C4D files and put it into the render queue and let it go. hope this helps some what and if you find a script that does exactly what you wanted please share. Greg
  5. Greg2B

    RPF Files!!

    Al Hick did a talk about it at NAB 2011. The format seems to be great if you need a lot of flexibly and control directly in AE. http://www.livestrea...02-3b1a294aed41 or http://www.livestrea...9b-30c23932022d I believe it's the same presentation just little bit different on another day. Greg
  6. It seems that these files where made with After Effects 5.0 before CS and my time in AE. I'm guessing if your trying to open it with a recent version of AE then that might just not be able to open them unless some one has converted them to a newer version of AE. The basis of expressions hasn't changed so you should be able to use the code in any version of AE. I just tried the 2nd example in AE CS5 and it works fine. I know there is a script being worked on that will allow you to use older project files but I doubt it will go back that far. -- Greg
  7. Greg2B

    Reel Feedback

    Thanks you for your 2 cents, it's appreciated.
  8. Greg2B

    Reel Feedback

    Thanks for the response I will definitely take what you said into account.
  9. Greg2B

    Reel Feedback

    Hello all, I recently re-did my reel and would like some feedback on it. I've done a little self evaluation of it but I know the best feedback comes from others who know more than you(me) or have different perspectives. So thats why I'm here. Feel free to make remarks about any part or the whole thing. Reel Link - http://vimeo.com/g2b/reel10-11 Thank you for your help.
  10. I use http://www.proofhq.com/ for reviewing work with other people. It's paid service but it has exactly what your talking about with timed comments. It also allow for arrows circles and drawing right on the video. The only draw back is video takes a lot of space and you can run out quickly. I tend to show stuff in 1/3 or less quality and add high res stills for quality check. I upgraded to the bigger package for a month and went back down when I didn't need the space. It also does just about every other image format as well for static graphics. CS Review would be usefully like kitkats said I tried it out and it seems pretty good although basic compared to proofhq, but it is free for now.
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