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  1. Curious to know your experience from going from s-corp to full time. Did you have to dissolve your s-corp? Or have to jump through any hoops? Sometimes I'm at a studio where I think "yea I could go full time here" but then I start thinking of all the headaches involved with being incorporated. I also sometimes work at a studio that only operates on W-2, rather than w-9. I haven't been able to find a work around to this except for just avoiding those places.
  2. I highly recommend finding yourself a CPA. I can't stress not only how much less distraction you'll have in your life having to worry about taxes, but you'll also save so much money on taxes. Every time I recommend it to someone relatively new to the industry, they laugh as if its a waste of money or too expensive. It's really not. My CPA has saved me from losing my mind. In my experience talking to other incorporated freelancers, it seems like every CPA has their own reason for going LLC vs S-Corp vs C corp, so it will most likely be dependent on what route yours convince you to go. Good Luck
  3. From what I read - the C4D plugin update hasn't been released yet. Suppose to maybe sometime later this month. But you need 2.0 to use the new features. I decided to pass on Octane for now and wait to see what RedShift 3D has in store. They only support Maya and Softimage at the moment but said more compatibility is in the works for C4D. The price is even cheaper than Octane, and I'm reading very good things about it. In the meantime I've realized going GPU based is going to requite a major overhaul on my rig - updating the motherboard and power supply on top of getting new video cards. For those looking at titans - check out the newly released (if you can find it) 6GB 780gtx. It's half the price of a Titan and supposed to be just as good if not better in terms of speed.
  4. yeah I did try the demo out. I should've researched which graphics card was best suited for Octane when I was upgrading. I upgraded to the 760 thinking anything was better than what I originally had (1000 cuda cores > 100 right?) . While it's probably a bit faster, getting a clean image still takes a lot of time. The live update is fun though. The 560 seems to be hard to come by these days. And the titan might be a bit out of my price range at the moment. Oh well.
  5. I have a question for those who use it - I'm only using a single graphics card - do you guys notice any significant render speed gain with just one card? Or will you only see the benefits if your machine packs multiple cards? I'm using a single gtx 760
  6. Yes correct - Octane will support displacement maps in version 2.0 which is suppose to release this summer. It will also include motion blur, hair/fur, and render passes I think. Here is the link: http://render.otoy.com/newsblog/?p=414 You should be able to do pretty much everything in the C4D plugin. The advantage to the standalone render is that it features node based materials. C4D does not. Some of C4D materials might not work either (layer, Mutli shader, etc.) so learning how to build Octane materials might take some time to get used too.
  7. has anyone tried doing cel animation + photoshop on a wacom? I feel its pretty difficult to get accurate lines using a wacom. I'm assuming this is where cintiqs really come in handy? Or is there another technique?
  8. I would say probably anywhere in the range of 30-40k. Though I know of some who've made less and some who've made more. I think it will vary depending on your skills and what you think you are worth. The studio will probably try to talk you down regardless of what you tell them tho.
  9. Yo - I'm just kind of going through the reels here and thought I would give my two cents since no one has yet. Overall good editing and flow. I like your intro. All animation looks nice. The only part where I rolled my eyes was the pink glowing spheres. Not that its bad, just over done. Gook Luck!
  10. I haven't seen the show, but is this what you are referring to? http://www.kingandcountry.tv/#spot/historychanneltopshot
  11. I'm not sure what the rules are, but will anyone be recording some of these presentations and posting them?
  12. Haha, best advice ever? Binky, I've been a big fan of the advice you've given people in the past, so naturally, I was looking forward to/dreading your response the most. I get what you and Silatix are saying. It's definitely something I will concentrate on more from now on. Thanks again
  13. Thank you sir. I completely agree with you on the lingering. I'll work on fixing that and obviously add more stuff over time.
  14. Hello - I have yet to introduce myself here, so I guess this is as good of time as any (I'm really bad at this part). My name is Brandon. I had a short "career" in advertising, before I got sick of basically doing nothing and listening to everyone talk about how cool they are, and decided to put my money where my mouth is. I'm self taught, and blah blah. I can answer any specifics I guess. I just completed my first reel ever. Thought I would share it with you guys, because I heard everyone was so nice around here. Since I didn't go to school for this, everything on the reel are projects I created myself based on my own interests, so you might notice a lot of MTV type stuff or 5-second projects from GSG. Also I'm seeking an internship this spring/summer, preferably in Chicago (but open to anywhere). http://www.brandonle...esign-Reel_2011 Thanks and I apologize for the long intro. B
  15. I like it. Not much criticism from me. Maybe a little long, but then again I'm not sure what the appropriate length is for someone with your experience. Keep it up.
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