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    DMA LA

    DMALA is great. Especially for the big events, Andrew Kramer and the guy who demo'd the new Zaxwerk ProAnimator. I wish they could record it and post it later, becuase parking is kinda a pain and most times I can never make it at 7pm. Some of the raffle prizes are good. I look forward to seeing your Reel magic and look forward to seeing Ben doing his magic. Like how he magically keeps getting work in LA.
  2. http://gigaom.com/apple/new-thunderbolt-accessories-signal-renaissance-of-mac-customization/ these sounds cool.
  3. What do you say when you get a virus on the PC? Hey client I was surfing web to find PFtrack on demonoid and I hosed my system. That argument goes to PC hardware in general. Build you own from PC club parts or buy a Dell / Boxx with all matching parts. I guess Windows is fine. 10 years ago I would have been a bite more fanatical about it but now. Whatever. I think OS X is really nice and have only used Windows for corporate office stuff. They connect to servers faster? But AE is still slow as shit on them.
  4. http://tonymacx86.bl...lion-using.html Easy to install OS X Lion on Hackintosh Hardware! Doneskis!
  5. It would be cool if Apple spun the High End (Macintosh) off into a separate company. So they could just focus on making Pro level computers and run a version of OS X gear to Pros and take the Pro Apps and .....
  6. Too bad not one makes apps for Linux. Adobe, Autodesk and C4D would be rock solid on linux. For home and pocket I love Apple. I just hate having to use my pinky for Windows. Well I guess you can say if it wasn't for Apple pushing the UI. Windows wouldn't be so usable today. I live in Adobe/Maxon all day. I just use the finders to move files. We'll see what happens.
  7. Where do I apply this? On the Expression Slider or on the Text Animation Range Selectors? Thank you!
  8. Hey Guys, I am trying to create a scrolling text effect. I have a long list of names. I want to move a rectangle through the list of names, cause the names to scale up 10% and change color. I want to keep the leading even as it does this or proportional. It seems like something basic and that you see everyday on the web. A mouse rolls over some type and it grows. I want to rig everything up with an expression slider or something. Basically having a few keyframes do all the work. So I used the text animator wing menu tools and selection range for line of text, created another text animator to change the color. I am trying to pass the position of the range selector to a null so I can link the rectangle to the selections. I am wondering if there is a why to use a null to control the line selection range(index instead of %)? Then I could parent the rectangle to the null and both the rectangle and text are all controlled by the null keyframes. What math / expression would I use to do something like this? Any tips in the right direction would be awesome!
  9. I am having the same problem with the (C4D R11) shader effector and using noise to drive the clones movement (scale in Y). I set the Animation to 10 in the noise tab and then keyed it down to 0. The animation plays, then does the rewind effect and then stops. I want the noise faux sound/waveform thing to be there, I just want to freeze it. Is there a way to use the time track on the clones? Where to I place it so that it just effects the clones and shader noise?
  10. http://www.helloluxx.com/cinema4d-mograph/cloner-visibility-through-effectors/ I think this might work for my visibility issue. "Add Property track." Do I have to bake mograph clones for NLA?
  11. The info is good, but what is up with that typeface, the typo, and the dead links.
  12. Hey Guys, I have been trying to do this animation using mograph for a few days. I have a waveform that is a cloner grid (1000x1000) with 50 cubes in it. I am using the shader effector to create a waveform like effect. I want to have another cube/plane design scan the waveform and find several notes then the rest of the wave form dies down and the notes move into a 2d (along z) like position. I tired selecting several note by hand with the plain effector and moving them out, but that only worked on a grid with a few cubes. The array is denser now to show the waveform more. I also tried a custom movie made in AE to drive the shader effector, it works OK. It will be tricky to get the cubes and scan part to line up. I was wondering if I could use the motion system in c4d to blend the events together? or is there a way to use mograph selection based on a texture map? thanks
  13. UStream event on the internet!
  14. The Tron guy dropped some serious knowledge! Very cool! http://siggraph2011.maxon3d.com/ I hope this will be available online after.
  15. Compressor? Is that the "Pro" option for OS X? I guess it makes since. Since QuickTime X isn't very "Pro". It seems like it would be worth the $50.
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