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  1. I have to hand off a project for Stereo Conversion. They need my file as a 3DS file. I have materials that include video. I also have several materials on an object at once, which is making Baking difficult. I've tried an FBX, but when even when I import it back into Cinema my materials are all messed up. Has anyone had experience doing this successfully? Any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks Jason
  2. Thanks for your response. Like I said, i'm just getting my feet wet. What they've asked for is 9 views of a single plane rotating. Other than Spatial View are there any other plug ins out there?
  3. I'll be starting a job soon that requires Auto-Stereoscopic renders. I'm very excited, but at the same time a bit nervous. I've been looking into Spatial View SVI Stereo 3D editor. Has anyone had any experience with it? thanks Jason
  4. I'm shattering some glass in NitroBlast (amazing right?) When I enable the Transparency Mode my mesh disappears. It will then appear in individual pieces as the dynamics start to kick in. Has anyone experienced this problem?
  5. Bought NitroBlast. It's pretty spectacular!!!
  6. Are there any other plugins for Cinema v12 that have the same features as Destruction? I've tried Xbreaker, however it doesn't have any features to roughen up the cuts. They are too clean. thanks Jason
  7. I'm an idiot. I figured out that my birthrate RENDERER was only emitting 10 PPS as opposed to 500 in the editor. looking good now. Thanks
  8. Both subdivisions are the same. uploaded a view of the same frame in both the Render Viewer and my Final output. http://gallery.me.com/bitcrusher66#100004&view=null&bgcolor=white&sel=0 maybe it's not a metaball issue, but a particle issue. I'm lost. thanks in advance.
  9. Correct. When I click the preview frame switch I can see the result I want. When I render the movie. Neither the picture viewer or the OUTPUT show the metaball. I'm not in my studio now. I'll post images first thing in the morning.
  10. C4d 12 studio I've got a particle emitting sphere's through a metaball....added to a hypernurb. Rendering nicely in the picture viewer, but when I render the final piece, the metaball doesn't look it's taking to the spheres am I missing a step? thanks Jason
  11. I'm trying to animate a color ON a building. for instance, I want the building to be white at first and then have a color gradient grow up from the bottom. Eventually covering the entire building. Is there a way to animate within the material properties? I've tried animating some noise, but it makes my entire building disappear in spots. thanks in advance
  12. thanks for your response, but I want the opacity to trigger when the effector crosses it.
  13. I'm animating a bunch of squares using a plain effector. I I want the squares to appear sequentially as they rotate on, currently they are all being shown.. How can add an opacity value to the effector? thanks Jason
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