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  1. yes area shadows and anti alias settings are shown in the jpgs
  2. I have a pretty simple render set up that has some text with a spline mask and water type texture on the text. The render has taken over 18 hours and it is only a 10 second animation. I'm running on a new mac book pro that has 8gigs of RAM and the i7 quad core processor. Is this normal for something that has these kind of settings/or looks for a render? I've attached screen shots of my render settings and what the text looks like to help anyone understand what I'm talking about. I'm also using the GSG light kit. Let me know if I can provide any other information to help. Thanks.
  3. Okay so I have a scene set up with some circular splines on a sweeps nurbs to create a ribbon effect, but my ribbons keep intersecting. Ive read on several forums how to fix this but it never works for me. I've created a rigid body tag and applied it to the cloner but the shapes still intersect even after i've replayed the scene. suggestions?
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