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    I'm based out of Portland, Oregon, where I'm a staff editor at Mission Control. I work primarily in Avid and Final Cut, and have steadily increased my role as a Motion Graphics artist and Animator, to the point where I no longer think of myself as just an editor.<br />I'm well versed in the Adobe Suite, as well as Cinema4D... yep... that's me...
  1. I went to AiPD and it was a total joke back then. I was young and naive, and concerned with the importance of getting my degree so I saw it through to the end. Now I have a pretty piece of paper saying that I have my B.S.... I am one of the handful of people I know who have come out of their program and enjoyed any success, but it is in large part to my own ability and perseverance. For the most part, the instructors ranged from the those who can't teach-types to flat out ignorant. There were a few decent instructors, but not many. The initial few years were actually solid education, with classes in design, art history, typography, etc. But the last few 'specialized' years were a joke. I graduated 6+ years ago, so things may have changed, but when I was there, it was in no way worth the time and money. And I'm not a grudge-bearing, down-and-out, unemployed individual. I have a very good job, that pays well, with good hours, benefits and pay. But I don't feel that I owe much of any of it to AiPD. I taught myself the software, created my own contacts, and worked myself into and up the industry. When I walked out of that school, they hadn't aptly prepared me for my career.
  2. gerx

    Final Cut Pro X

    Not only is there no XML export (or even an EDL, which makes sense since there isn't an I/O support I suppose), but it doesn't look like there's currently a way to export an OMF or AAF, which makes it completely useless for a professional video editor. The color corrector is pretty pathetic as well. Better than the old 3 color corrector (in that you can adjust luma and sat in the lows, med's & hi's) but no secondary color correction, power windows, etc. of a real color grading solution... We downloaded a license at my work to see what's what, and there's no way we'll do anything with it as is. That isn't to say that there aren't bright points about it, but my post house has 5 Avid Symphonies, 2 FCP 7s, all of which Premiere Pro on them as part of the Adobe bundle, which I'd been navigating towards lately anyways due to it's ability to handle different color spaces and codecs appropriately, and we'll be doing a full transition to Premiere from FCP for the near future...
  3. One mistake I made in my first 3D project was not checking both "eyes" or cameras. I would get into a groove using the left eye camera, render things out, and realize that I had something visible in the right eye that I didn't want to be seen. That can be mostly solved by making elements like bounce cards invisible to the camera, but sometimes an object you thought was out of frame really isn't, etc. Pretty simple and stupid, but thought I'd try and save others from my dumb mistakes.
  4. gerx

    NavPress Brand ID

    Thanks Pix3l, I think you're dead on. I've been doing the same thing for so long, getting into a different way of being creative is invigorating. It's something that I am slowly transitioning towards and have been laying around in the evenings and have started sketching again, etc. As for the piece being cliché, I whole heartedly agree. The creative agency tried at length to get NavPress to come around to something fresher and more distinct, but in the end the client wouldn't budge. And when it got to me they were pretty much unwilling to consider any creative deviations from the approved concept. It was a fight to get them to add any camera motion at all... So I tried my best to add in little bits of style to at least give it some life. Both the client and creative agency were new to video, and sometimes a client can have trouble seeing beyond their own ideas, no matter what you show them, be it an edit, graphics piece, etc. A frustrating situation, but that's the biz sometimes, I suppose... so this probably wasn't the best piece to show, but I thought it would be something that I could get some good feedback on and introduce myself. What could I have done to improve my camera move? It's probably the hardest thing for me right now. I'm going to keep working on my design skills. Technically speaking, I excel though, so I have that going for me :-)
  5. gerx

    NavPress Brand ID

    Hello Everyone, I'm an editor that seems to be doing less and less editing and more and more graphics and animation of late. And I've ended up here on a few occasions finding answers to problems, so I thought I'd join up and share my most recent project. http://vimeo.com/23052571 I'm just beginning to think of myself as something more than an editor, and beginning to work on my design and animation skills, so despite being in the post production business for 6 or 7 years, I guess I'm still a bit of noob, and feeling a bit of trepidation sharing my stuff, but this seems like an awesome community, and hopefully I can learn a lot, and help others out too. So... hello Mograph.net
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