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  1. Any character rig jedi's out there know how to trouble shoot mixamo movements that interpenetrate ? just trying to do a simple idle stand with a maybe a sword swing for test animation. 1) how would one set limitations or is it even possible when working with mixamo ? 2) what's the best way to create a rig with controllers on such a creature ? Character auto biped rig or something else ? 3) any tuts for such an effort greatly appreciated
  2. hey guys, am sure you've run into the how to consolidate storage of a few machines now and then over the years as new methods become available. i've got 4 machines with about 6 TB total to consolidate as they are currently getting maxed out. each machine currently has a 800 gig raid setup. my backups have been to a 800 gig NAS for one of the machines and individual external drives for the others. my next thought was a huge NAS for it all. wait that sounded like something... "one ring for them all" any other suggestions greatly appreciated, jontz71
  3. while watching a tut on world machine they mentioned this and so i gotta learn some world machine was just wondering if the c4d community had any insight over DEM earth vs the world machine method ? will have to experiment. thank you for the suggestion, jontz
  4. hey guys, does anyone have experience in making displacements with this level of detail from World Machine ? check out the glacier melt lines ! (second slide in link) i've gotten some good results of rocks with just the subpoly noise shader stacked, but it's no where as cool as the reference. https://www.behance.net/gallery/16095931/CAIS-Brand-Images from the credits it looks like these guys rock 3DMax. any help or links greatly appreciated. jontz
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