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  1. Any character rig jedi's out there know how to trouble shoot mixamo movements that interpenetrate ? just trying to do a simple idle stand with a maybe a sword swing for test animation.
    1) how would one set limitations or is it even possible when working with mixamo ?
    2) what's the best way to create a rig with controllers on such a creature ? Character auto biped rig or something else ?  

    3) any tuts for such an effort greatly appreciated

    Creature Interpenetration 2.JPG

  2. hey guys,


    am sure you've run into the how to consolidate storage of a few machines now and then over the years as new methods become available. i've got 4 machines with about 6 TB total to consolidate as they are currently getting maxed out. each machine currently has a 800 gig raid setup. my backups have been to a 800 gig NAS for one of the machines and individual external drives for the others.


    my next thought was a huge NAS for it all. wait that sounded like something... "one ring for them all" ;)


    any other suggestions greatly appreciated,



  3. hey guys,

    does anyone have experience in making displacements with this level of detail from World Machine ? check out the glacier melt lines ! (second slide in link)

    i've gotten some good results of rocks with just the subpoly noise shader stacked, but it's no where as cool as the reference.


    from the credits it looks like these guys rock 3DMax.


    any help or links greatly appreciated.




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