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    Phillies Baseball.
  1. DAdamo

    Battefield 3

    Im looking forward to a game that will finally end the Call of Duty craze, but what's really going to take over my life and put my priorities out of wack is Rage and Elder of Scrolls Skyrim, mostly Rage though.
  2. At E3 they showed a teaser video for a new shooter that used the GUI interface tracking technique like in Stranger than fiction. Not sure the company that did it, but here's the video.
  3. I was quick to jump on the DSLR bandwagon and don't regret it or have second thoughts. As long as you tackle cinematography with DSLRs in the photography philosophy it'll work out great. The work that phillp bloom does is incredible. As long as the glass (lens) is good and color corrected well you can create some breath taking video that other film cameras won't.
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