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  1. Nice to see the overwhelming positive response over yonder at the blog post's comments. Even if there are things that I'd like to see changed and improved from a feature/workflow perspective, I definitely think that the opportunity for the the AE team to spend a full year focusing primarily on "invisible" improvements is too rare and valuable of a thing to pass up. The After Effects community is wonderful at creating scripts and plugins to fill the holes left in the native AE workflow, but there's no workaround for raw speed.

  2. I've looked several times for mograph-specific podcasts and, aside from Nick Cambells sporadic-but-occasionally-thoughtful GSG Live ustream outings, I've returned disappointed and empty-handed.


    It's kind of an affliction of this industry (due in no small part, I'm sure, to a competitive freelance scene) to be so obsessed with the minutiae of how to do that one cool thing that there's not a lot of wide-lens industry-talk media out there. As far as I can find we're great at tutorials, but pretty lacking when it comes to offering real insight into the broader aspects of working in mograph.

  3. Been on this jam for a while now-- their editor can be a little bit aggravating if you're used to being spoiled by the likes of Sublime Text and the lessons can be hit-or-miss in some sections, but overall it's a great resource to learn a few programming languages. Their Python course was how I got my sea legs in that language.

  4. Signed and sent.

    I'm hoping that many people who would have gone for CS7 in a heartbeat choose to sit back on CS6 licenses instead, at least until this decision gets reversed. We don't need the latest and greatest to do good work, and now is a good time for people to remind Adobe of that fact with their wallets.


    Petitions are great, but I think boycotts speak more in a language that Adobe's top dogs can understand.

  5. As a 5-year Hackintosh user who's jumped between three different builds, the only problems I've ever experienced have been hardware-centric. I've been using gigabyte motherboards running Intel chips and either ATi/AMD or nVidia GPU's.


    My experience has been that initial set-up of these machines can take as much as 10 hours troubleshooting and optimization but once you've got a stable build going, it stays stable. I'm willing to deal with a few nonfunctional front-firing USB ports for the money saved, and have never experienced any software problems once the build is finished.

    I'm also the kind of person who really likes putting together computers, though, so your mileage may vary.

  6. Cool idea, but honestly I'm not sure if this is something I'd pay money for. The problem it tries to solve really doesn't bother me that much... I guess if I had multiple individuals giving feedback independently of one another it might by handy. For the most part though I prefer to just have a printout of any feedback I receive and just cross them off with a pen.


    And yeah, per anothernames note I'm pretty sure uploading to a non-company server would raise a few eyebrows where I work.

  7. I'm no cell animator, but from what little I've used the paint system for (painting out rigs and mics from shots), it can be pretty cool. The ability to have all your strokes appear in the timeline is a nice touch, but I feel like the actual painting tools (brushes etc) are limiting and rudimentary. As I understand it, ToonBoom Animate Pro is favored and far more robust. From the demos I've seen it looks very powerful.

  8. A useful way to think of it might be that "speed" influences the direction in which your graph handle is pointing, while "influence" will alter its length.


    The "speed" field is a little unwieldy to think about, since it's all relative to the units you're working in. Fortunately a speed of "0"is predictable regardless of what property you're working on.

    I used to think that the value graph was the way to go in all situations, but in the past few months I've found that getting comfortable with editing keyframe velocities numerically. Getting used to understanding how the influence percentage will affect your animation can take some time, but once you've made that investment it'll save you a lot of time toggling between the different value curves and adjusting them visually.

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