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  1. Truth. I have the upmost respect for the people who develop and support Adobe products...but this video of Adobe's CEO is outright disgusting. It's one thing to "sidestep" a question, but it's another thing entirely to directly insult your customers' intelligence like this. Creative Cloud's price drop is poor condolence for users who don't want a license to Creative Suite. As several publications have pointed out, it's still cheaper for Australians to fly halfway around the globe and buy a copy of CS than it is for them to just order it from home. The markup remains well over $1000. Todd, you and your team are fantastic people and your dedication to your product and the community surrounding that product are exemplary. But your CEO is a dick.
  2. I'm curious to hear what you guys think of what effect our sometimes-sister industry's recent woes might have on the MoGraph side of things. A big part of the VFX industry's trouble seems to be a doubled-up surplus of supply, where there are too many VFX houses bidding for too little work who in turn abuse their workers-- of which there are also far too many. As Digital Domain Florida's awful pay-to-work student plan more than proved, there are a metric bazillion kids out there who will work for less than nothing just for the opportunity to get a name in the credits and a foot in the door. R&H's recent financial drama is only further evidence that a good reputation and a quality product isn't a guarantee of financial solvency. I'd like to think that despite many overlaps in tools and skills, the Motion Graphics field is at least half-shielded from this type of problem. There's more demand for motion graphics work coming from more sources than ever, and the motion graphics industry is not ruled over by a few big studios like the VFX world. Still, I can't help but wonder if the same problems that have our VFX cousins in a pinch--too many newcomers willing to work for too little money, and the perception that they are somehow replaceable parts instead of skilled workers and artists-- might not hit the motion graphics world just as hard soon enough. Thoughts?
  3. One of my favorite links, that is.
  4. That OBJ sequence support is going to be the handiest.
  5. I've created boiled-down "versioning packs" before, where I basically prerender the living daylights out of a project and leave only editable text layers and special precomps to replace individual footage items. This was episodic broadcast stuff, and the people who were touching the project files just needed to be able to swap out very specific elements quickly and easily without necessarily being mograph ninjas. I have no problem sending out things like that, but I generally feel uncomfortable about releasing things like code, rigs, and presets. I feel like those are products of their own and I agree with eliss that as a creator you should have a right to keep them proprietary.
  6. Oh man, that tut takes me back. Aharon Rabinowitz got me through middle/high school.
  7. I agree with all of the above that this is filling a non-existent hole in the market but guys... I think he's had enough.
  8. Truth. Always patent the ever-loving shitfuck of anything you can tech-wise.
  9. Looks like the main page is kinda broken right now. Going straight to the boards works fine, but going to "www.mograph.net" doesn't redirect the user. Just a heads up.
  10. +1 to improved project window navigation and enhancements to expressions (better editor, code completion, etc) I'd also love to see the graph editor get its own panel, rather than just be a toggle on the timeline.. and to be able to have multiple graph editors on the screen at the same time. Throwing up a couple of graph editors up on a second display while being able to still see and select all my timeline layers on my main monitor would be a huge boon to my workflow.
  11. Nifty idea and really cool tech. I definitely like the idea of being able to download a lower-quality asset quickly and then having the HD download in the background. But where do these assets live when you download them? A lot of people are very specific with their project structures and this could throw a wrench in that. This also seems more like a service than a product. If you're moving a lot of HD video around you're going to run up a bill in bandwidth, so I feel like the risk for you of using a one-time payment is that it wouldn't recoup costs long terms (admittedly, I have no idea how much you'd need to charge vs bandwidth costs to turn a profit). What you could do is offer the product and cloud services separately, charging a menial cost for the plugin itself (with support for user-managed FTP's and maybe even Dropboxes) and then offer a hosting service on a subscription basis and operate your marketplace both within the app and on a web interface, so people don't feel like they're paying for the right to shop. Just a thought.
  12. No problemo. Here's an example in practice from the project I'm working on this morning: input = effect("Time")("Slider"); inputLow = 0; inputHigh = 100; outputLow = .05; outputHigh = 1; timeVal = linear(input,inputLow,inputHigh,outputLow,outputHigh); input2 = effect("Space")("Slider"); inputLow2 = 0; inputHigh2 = 100; outputLow2 = 5; outputHigh2 = 70; spaceVal = linear(input2,inputLow2,inputHigh2,outputLow2,outputHigh2); wiggle(timeVal,spaceVal); In this example, "Time" and "Space" are the names I've given to a pair of slider controls. As long as you have the same setup, you should be able to just plug this code directly into any property of an object and have it work OOB. Also, heads up for the rest of the thread... looks like this BBS has a special code field available. Hit the "<>" button in the toolbar or use CODE and /CODE in square brackets to roll it out.
  13. Basically this lets you define your own range for the Slider expression control effect, which by default only goes from 0 to 100 when using the visual slider. You can use this expression to basically roll your own mixing board of sorts. So now you're not thinking in terms of actual integer values, but more along the lines of zero to one hundred percent, where the min and max are defined by you to taste. Then you just drag the sliders around visually and forget real number values altogether. Super handy for anything where you're not sure how much of x you need, regardless of what x is.
  14. Kudos the the great Dan Ebberts for the handy range mapping expression: input = effect("Slider Control")("Slider"); inputLow = 0; inputHigh = 100; outputLow = -100; ]outputHigh = 100; linear(input,inputLow,inputHigh,outputLow,outputHigh) This way you can use the visual range of a slider much more intuitively, rather than relying on numeric input. I use it all the time for prototyping wiggles.
  15. After Effects has also evolved to be much more of an animation program than a compositor, so much so that I think it's almost unfair to compare the two on that basis alone. Nuke is less intuitive than After Effects, but the node-based workflow makes much more sense strictly for compositing. Likewise, I can't imagine using Nuke to do almost anything motion graphics-wise, although I'll admit that it's possible. Back on topic though... if this is gonna turn a few more heads over to Modo, then I'm excited. I think Modo has a lot of potential but it has a relatively small share of the market compared to the Big Dogs like Maya, Max, and yes, our dear C4D. I toy with it sometimes, and it's modeling workflow is definitely operating from a whole different perspective than most that I've seen. Difficult to get used to at first, but damn is it fast... maybe a few Nuke integration features will sweeten the pot for potential buyers?
  16. For a guy who was uniquely despised by seemingly everyone in and around the industry, he's sure trying to sound like moral crusader. I'd be interested to find some more thorough details on what lead up to this.
  17. SFBurning


    Looks like we're close to crashing Maxon's site. Finally managed to pull up the write-up...very excited to see the new sculpting tools in action
  18. This shit blew my mind http://ae.tutsplus.com/sessions/how-to-create-and-rig-a-realistic-puppet/ Absolutely, utterly incredible work.
  19. SFBurning


    Absolutely incredible. This is going to change things for sure.
  20. I'm knee deep in: -The Menzingers -Against Me! -Latterman -Iron Chic -Joyce Manor -Bangers -Junior Battles -Daytrader -The Clash -Defiance, Ohio -Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains -Wingnut Dishwashers' Union -Banner Pilot -The Lawrence Arms -I Am the Avalance
  21. Yep. Watch the lower thirds on most HD broadcasts-- they're dead center. Interestingly, 3D broadcasts don't have that limitation. Because 3D sets are all HD and 16:9 anyway, no one will tell you not to go wild on your framing when you're making a spot for 3D output. Of course, you'd need an infinite improbability drive to end up with a client who wants a spot with only 3D output... I'm just saying that it's possible. Hey guys remember that one time 3D TV's were going to be a thing?
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