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  1. Hello! I've been banging my head against the wall, trying to use c4d's Thinking Particles to create something similar to the first animation in this reference: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-video-21068636-hd-knee-pain-animation.php?st=339dd01 I've gotten close, but not close enough ... so I'm wondering if a similar effect could be created w/ Trapcode Particular? Looks like the particles are actually interacting with the geometry of the knee model, so I'm suspecting not ... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Oh, and I'm using R14! I believe there are changes with the texture manager in R15 ...
  3. General C4D texture management question ... I frequently have this issue where, upon re-opening a project file, many of the textures cannot reconnect since they are inside lib4d packs (GSG textures, for instance, but Motion Squared 'Texture Pack Infinite' materials specifically). Am I doing something horribly wrong? I can't get inside of the lib4d files to relink the missing textures ... I've found that saving the project (collecting all of the assets) resolves this issue, as it copies the material's source images from the lib4d file to your tex folder, but I don't want to save a new project w/ assets every single time I grab a material from one of these packs. I appreciate any help anyone is able to give! screen cap of texture manager: http://i43.tinypic.com/nmajcw.jpg
  4. Hello - second post for the day, ooph! Hopefully someone with more net render experience than myself can help ... My renders using GI look totally different (...and better) over Net Render. I just ran a GSG preset, and cut two results together to illustrate the difference between a render of a scene w/ GI locally, and over net render. Lit using GSG's HDRI Studio Rig, "Animation Preset" GI settings he has, and SoftboxTent2.hdr. It's a pretty significant difference, anyone know why? Many thanks!
  5. Just to confirm -- I deleted the prefs and now all is well ... but you shouldn't have to do that every time you accidentally close the Net Server window, huh?
  6. Hey! I'd super appreciate anyone's help -- I closed the Net Render Server window on my mac (running r14) and can't seem to get it back ... Closing and opening Net Render Server doesn't bring a window up at all. I can get to the preferences from the menu bar drop down, as well as the "About Net Render" splash window, but as far as I can tell there's no way to generate a new server window (to input the IP address, data path, etc). I seem to recall this happening in the past with r13, and deleting the prefs worked ... but certainly I must be missing something? Can we never close the Net Server window?? Every time I start r14 Net Client, a window auto opens. Many thanks!
  7. Thanks again for all the responses -- very helpful!
  8. Bummer! Thanks for your input
  9. I've been doing a little research in preparation of building a C4D render farm -- it seems those with experience tend to discourage crossing operating systems. Since we work on macs at my studio, I've been looking for a nice solution running OSX... But the made-just-for-rendering systems Renderboxx builds look ideal. Which leads me to my question: is there a Mac equivalent to the Renderboxx any company out there is producing? My guess is no.
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