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  1. I know mocha AE but am new to stereo roto in Pro. I've tracked a shot of a conductor waving his arms around in front of camera and the second view's roto shapes are not only shifted over (as expected) but also commonly much smaller. For exmaple, Here's how i tracked his waving hand: - Using a basic x-spline i loosly tracked his hand with Pos/Rot/Scale (not shear/perspective). (I tried shear and perspective but it didn't seem right as the surface/grid went crazy) - Create a more detailed spline and link to the basic. - keyframe detailed spline to match ftg - switch to 2nd view and the roto shape is similar but smaller and definitely not matching Attempt: - Uber Key: I thought I'd be able to use the Uber key and shift/scale everything in the 2nd view to match. But when I add a first keyframe on the 2nd view and move everything, the mask reforms back to it's previous state in a couple frames (based on the Hero/1st view). Where am i going wrong? Thanks
  2. Thanks all. @dotcommer I'd love to hear more about stereo sbs outputs from cinema and getting that into Gear VR. My goal is to render basics in C4D, add supers in AE, and share content online in formats that work for Gear VR. I'm particularly interested in utilizing Octane/Orbx further as i've also got a license and 2x 980Ti's. New to VR (as we all are), but experienced in 3D and AE. Would love to chat if you've got the time!
  3. I've got a decent WP Theme through Graph Paper Press but am looking for a plugin that allows a Still Image thumbnail pop up a Vimeo Light Box for video content. Has anyone heard of one they recommend?
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